Many of you are familiar with chiropractic and the benficial role it plays in a well rounded health care program. But, perhaps you were not aware that there are many different chiropractic methods. One that has been extremely successful and the one I use in this office is the 3-D Chiropractic Technique™ or 3-DCT™ method of chiropractic adjusting. 3-DCT™ is based on a technique developed over 80 years ago by Dr. Richard Van Rumpt, and utilizes a leg reflex that can be used to analyze the entire body. The leg reflex shows where there are fixations in the joints or muscle imbalances, which can cause nerve interference or muscle rigidity. These imbalances can cause pain, dysfunction, and disability. Once an imbalance is diagnosed, a gentle corrective thrust is given to correct the problem. In addition, patients are instructed in specific home exercises to help speed recovery and maintain health. In this way the 3-DCT™ doctor works with the patient as a team to not only elimate pain, but to restore health.

The adjustment is unique in itself in that no "twisting", "popping" or "cracking" is necessary to correct the spine. The patient simply lies flat on the table either face up or down as a gentle thrust is applied. In addition, Dr. Nunez has developed a new myofascial release technique called Pressure-Plus-Motion or PPM and has written a book including these techniques called How to Keep Chiropractors Off Your Back! PPM is fantastic for relieving chronically tense muscles.

3-DCT™ is effective and works quickly.

3-DCT™ is effective for a variety of conditions ranging from low back and neck pain to headaches and migraines, sports injuries and even help the pain of Hiatal hernia or GERD. Acute and chronic cases are successfully treated. We help when no one else can.

3-DCT™ is so gentle and safe that X-rays are rarely necessary, except in cases of auto accident, slip and fall injuries or for insurance purposes.

The gentle adjusting of 3-DCT™ helps to eliminate the fear that some people have of chiropractors. The gentle adjusting also allows me to adjust a person immediately following an accident, thus leading to a more rapid and complete recovery.

How does one know when or if they need to see a Doctor of chiropractic?
As a general rule, if you have a pain or health problem that persists in spite of two to three day's rest, you should come in for a consultation and examination. If, however, you are in an automobile accident or have a slip and fall, you should come in immediately. Remember that the sooner chiropractic care is started, the sooner you will be back on your feet again!

Call us to learn more about the 3-DCT™ method of chiropractic and to set up an appointment. Better health and vitality are just a phone call away at (818) 247-4411.

Dr Nunez

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