Chiropractic Monthly–August 2010

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3D Chiro and Dr Nunez, through the unique treatment plans available at 3D Chiro have 43 success stories of folks who had tried for months even years to get pregnant, including couples in their early 40’s. Take a look at these happy families at the end of this article.

Many couples today are trying to get pregnant with great difficulty. Americans are choosing to have children later in life. In most cases I see either the husband or wife is in their thirties. Not old chronologically but biologically it’s on the cusp of antiquity. The window of opportunity is narrowed with age. The stress or worry quite frankly spoils the enjoyment of the conjugal relationship. It can actually cause physical changes in the muscles and nerves that relate to the ovaries and uterus. We’ll come back to this later.

In some cases the wife may have a history of menstrual difficulties. This whole process of baby making is a huge stress producer for or one or both of them. But this is as we all know not the only source of stress.

When couples come to see 3D Chiro for a consultation regarding infertility we evaluate the health of the mother including a physical exam and history of any past injuries, either physical or emotional. It is crucial that we evaluate the tension in the deep muscles of the abdomen and pelvis. Depending on whether an issue is revealed in the wife, an exam may need to be performed on the husband as well.

One of the most important muscles that must be considered is called the Psoas muscle which lies at the back of the abdomen and is a hip flexor. My research revealed that the Genito-femoral nerve, which innervates the ovaries and uterus, passes directly through the Psoas muscle!

The problem is that when traumatic or frightening event in your youth occur, it can lead to a tightening of this muscle that in certain cases can become chronic. This leads to a pinching or irritation of the nerve. This in turn may lead to prolonged and/or painful menstrual cycles creating an irritated or “unwelcoming” environment in the uterus. 3D Chiro’s Dr. Nunez, theorizes “patients with this condition may indeed be experiencing conception in the fallopian tubes but when the fertilized egg gets to the uterus with the “unwelcoming” environment, the egg does not implant.”

Every month that goes by without getting pregnant causes more anxiety, leading to more stress, more tension in the Psoas muscle, leading to more irritation to the Genito-femoral nerve creating a vicious cycle of disappointment and ultimately infertility.

3D Chiro’s unique treatment plan combines 3D Chiropractic™ (3-DCT)™ treatment to the spine, the Psoas muscle, and relaxation techniques to help reduce stress.

If you know of anyone having trouble getting pregnant, having menstrual difficulties or premature cessation of menstruation (spontaneous menopause occurring before age 40) please forward this article to them. Especially if the couple has been examined by traditional medical doctors and they appear to be “normal.” For more details go to the Dr.’s Blog, Dr. Nunez Notes. Who knows, you may have a baby named after you when they get pregnant!

Please join Dr. Nunez and the staff at 3D Chiro in welcoming our newest associate, Dr Tony Subia, DC. A recent graduate from Chiropractic College Dr. Subia has just completed his training with Dr. Nunez in 3D Chiropractic™ (3-DCT)™ treatment and is eager to work with you and his new patients.

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