Chiropractic Monthly – January 2011

In my last newsletter we began a conversation about Body Mass Index and how it can be mis-interpreted, we talked about maximizing your health and we talked about weight. In this issue we’ll discuss some of the steps that can be taken to change our lives into what we choose. We shouldn’t feel like victims of genetic fate. We hope this month’s article will motivate you on your path to a happier year and a healthier you.

Let’s be honest with ourselves about what the goal is we want to achieve. Is it back pain, fatigue or being over-weight? We have to decide is it something we can manage ourselves or is it something too big for us? When do we need to get “professional” help? Admitting weakness can be emotionally wrenching but until we do we’ll be constantly fighting a losing battle driving us deeper into despair.

Next is more of a primal question, we need to believe that, one; we can be helped, and two; there is someone or something out there that can help. The goal is to restore that youthful feeling of vitality, health and vigor that we once had. The answer to this question may be one or all of the following.

It may be your chiropractor, a support group or a gym. The main thing is moving forward from “I can’t do it” to “We can do it”. Here’s a new mantra for this year, “We can do what I can’t”. The cool thing is, even with all this help from others, you’re the one that gets all the benefits. You get to feel better and look great!

Finally we need to make a decision to turn to this new team, the “We” team to help us make better choices about our lives for the health of it. The best people to have on our team are those who understand and have achieved long-term success in their lives. Give them permission to challenge your negative notions and you will progress faster. Step one, call and consult your “We team” frequently to be sure your thoughts, words and actions are consistent with your long-term goals. Be public about your goals, the more people you have on your “We Team” the more power you will have.

We look forward to seeing you in 2011 to help you have your best health ever.

Yours in Health,

Dr. N

Does This Sound Familiar?

Does this sound familiar? When I get up in the morning I inventory my ailments; chronic heartburn, migraines and shoulder pain that are causing my arms to go numb. Not to mention the chronically severe spasms in my calves. Oh, and the meds I’m taking are for the most part, useless!

I had just such a case recently, a 23 year old woman suffering from these exact ailments. She had been seeing her doctor but his remedies seemed, at best ineffective. Incidentally, she was five feet five inches tall and weighed 166 pounds giving her a BMI of 27.7 (the top end of that scale). She did not come in to see me for weight issues though.

Within eight to ten visits using the 3D chiropractic methods we were able to eliminate all of her physical complaints. Then something happened that I really hadn’t expected. She was feeling so good from the treatments she started a consistent walking program then she added one more thing to her “We Team”. She joined the Weight Watchers program. She had continued coming in to see me periodically and I actually saw the pounds melting away in a few short months. As of last week when I saw her, she had lost 29 pounds! (A healthy 22.8 rating on the BMI) When I first went in the treatment room her back was turned to me, I almost stepped back out; I thought I had the wrong chart. I didn’t recognize her profile!

Now, could she have lost the weight without getting her physical ailments corrected? Possibly, but let me tell you, when you are feeling bad, you will not be motivated to exercises much less get on a program to lose weight. I’m so proud to be on her “We Team”!

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The “We Team”

It’s 8:00 am and you arrive at the office, just in from the gym and your vigorous morning exercise regimen. Now its mid-morning and you’re stomach is feeling empty, a bit hungry so you reach for a snack of crackers or chips.

Worst of all these are between meals and you’re always craving them. Oh it’s ok I’m going back to the gym for another workout later. If not for that I’m sure I’d be much more overweight.

Well I have just such a patient; she’s in her early 30’s and was only mildly overweight thanks in great part to her exercise routine, vigorous and daily. She had come in to our offices primarily seeking help for severe vertigo. She also mentioned symptoms of stomach acid reflux.

As part of our philosophy of treating the whole person we not only treated her vertigo problem but also made stomach adjustments. The interesting thing was that the patient reported as a result of these adjustments she lost the craving for crackers and chips! Normally she would devour the bag of chips in only a few hours. Then the bag began to last all day, then two days. Last week she came in and reported she had lost 13 pounds! She also reports that now for a snack she is craving snap peas and celery sticks. She said it’s crazy, “I never used to crave these things!”

This is not the first time we have seen people report less of a craving for carbs. I have a new theory about why this happens. When a patient reports having had a frightening or traumatic event in their lives this can cause the stomach to spasm. If the tension remains long enough it can become self-sustaining and last throughout their lives.

What I deduce happens in a normal stomach when you eat a meal; it stretches out or “fills up” which sends a signal to the brain and one feels “full” or satisfied. With a spasmed stomach it takes much more food to stretch it out making one feel constantly hungry. The brain never gets the message.

3D Chiro has the tools and methods to not only solve the stomach tension problems but also to monitor your weight, your body fat percentage and your BMI. We can also teach you relaxation techniques to help reduce stress. Using these tools we can help you make realistic and achievable goals for weight loss, fitness and Health Maximization. Let us be a part of your “We Team” this year.







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