Chiropractic Monthly – June 2011

Patients come to me complaining they feel bent, broken and sprained. They’ll say something like, “Doc, I only bent over to tie my shoe and my back went out!” Or “How can doing something so little cause so much pain? It just doesn’t make sense!” Well, it’s true; it doesn’t make sense if you only look at that one incident.

Those of you who have been following our newsletter might already know what’s coming. Injuries in your youth can cause muscular tensions that may become chronic. Remember, long after the original pain is gone the injury remains. It’s natural for the body to compensate trying to make the best of a bad situation. Let’s use an ankle sprain to illustrate. You’re hiking at camp one summer and you don’t see the rock on the trail. Next thing you know you’re picking yourself up off the trail and your ankle feels very tender. You limp back to camp and continue to limp for a few days. That twisted ankle now has weakened ligaments and muscle tightness. The ankle now must pronate (roll inward) in order to stabilize, this in turn causes the knee to rotate inward and then the hip as well.

Remember the old song, the hip bone is connected to the knee bone; the knee bone is connected to the foot bone, etc. Once this pattern is established the body will subconsciously compensate and adjust to the pain, but still feel it. This can lie dormant for many years, getting tighter and tighter, like a ticking time bomb just waiting for one more strained muscle and then, disaster. We call that the precipitating factor, the next little thing you do, getting in or out of the car, sitting in a chair for a few hours, vacuuming, and then, you are in trouble…again.

Case study 1:

A patient returned to my office with low back pain that we “fixed” only to have it resurface one month later. I realized I might have to dig deeper. Upon a detailed reexamination I noticed the “big toe” on the same side as the back pain was very swollen. The patient’s explanation, “when I was 14 years old a heavy trailer hitch fell onto my left foot and I never got any treatment for it.” He never had a problem with his back until he was 65 years old! The toe was very stiff and the patient wasn’t walking properly. I adjusted the toe and taught him how to walk properly and the “back” problem was solved.

Case study 2:

A concerned father brought his Little League baseball player by our offices. At 14 years old the boy had severe elbow pain on the inside of his elbow when he pitched, a very common injury in pitchers. Using the 3D Chiropractic principles we evaluated not only his elbow but his hand, wrist and shoulder. Why, because all these areas are connected to the problem area.

We found that not only had he injured his elbow but he had a swollen middle finger as well. When I inquired the patient recalled that six months prior he was playing basketball and he had caught a ball on the tip of his finger, spraining it.

The tendons from the finger have their origin on the inside of the elbow and were inflamed from the original injury. Now, you see when he started pitching the old (original) injury flared up. Treatment now could be directed to the elbow and the finger leading to a complete healing, not just temporary relief.

Have a great life and never settle for anything but the best!

Remember, until you or your friends have tried the3-D Chiropractic method for the pain, you really haven’t tried everything!

Have a great life filled with liveliness.

Dr. N

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