Over the years that I have been in practice, I’ve seen many adults and children that have injuries that trace back to things that happened in their past and that had long-term effects in the present.  Here is a list of what not to do as a parent in order to prevent the long-term consequences of these injuries, as well as what to do as alternatives.

One of the most common injuries that I see in patients – young and older – is upper extremity sprain or strain injuries from being swung by the hands by a parent or older sibling.  We call it Helicoptering. You’ve seen it plenty of times in your own life or on TV: a parent is swinging their child by the hands around in a circle and the child is laughing and loving it because it’s fun!  The problem is that children’s arm and shoulder muscles and ligaments are relatively weak compared to teens and adults, and the tissues can be injured more easily.  For instance, the elbow, once injured, can lead to chronically cold hands, sweaty palms, eczema, inability to straighten the elbow, weak grip, and arthritic joints in the wrist and hands long-term.  Shoulder injuries can lead to decreased range of motion, frozen shoulder, chronic neck and upper-back pain, arms “going to sleep,” and pitching injuries.

A very simple alternative is to reach under the shoulder of your child from behind where the arm and body meet, then swing away! It’s still a lot of fun for the child with no risk of damage to the tender shoulder, elbow, and wrist tissues.

Another problem I see with raising kids is OTS or Over Tickle Syndrome. This is quite common with some parents and older siblings tickling their kids or younger siblings too much.  I’m not against tickling completely, just not too much! Again, the common misconception is that because the child is laughing, they must be enjoying it.

Well, yes and no. At first, it is fun for the child, but if it continues repeatedly and for more than a few seconds at a time, problems can arise. What we have discovered is that when a child is over-tickled, they are chest breathing rather than belly breathing when they are laughing uncontrollably. Again, once in awhile is okay, but if a child is being tickled regularly, as is common, then they start breathing in the chest regularly, becoming a habit and eventually the default breathing pattern.  Often children don’t complain of symptoms, but in their 20s and 30s, several symptoms are common: Chronic neck and shoulder tension, chest tension, arms going to sleep, and headaches at the back of the head.  Most people just grow up thinking this is the way they’ve always been, and they just have to live with it.

Please tell them they can be helped!

Colic is a very common malady that afflicts babies in their first three to six months of life, but can last even longer.  Most of you know the symptoms:  excessive crying greater than 3 hours per day more than 3 days per week more than 3 weeks per month, excessive gas or bloating, constipation, cramps, clenched hands, red face, legs drawn to chest, and excessive spitting up. We have seen so many of these kids in our office, and not only is the child upset,
the parents are at their wit’s end! Sleep is out of the question – parents want to help their baby, but nothing is helping! Before you put your baby on antacids or proton inhibitors, try 3D Chiropractic first. What our research has shown is that colicky babies usually have a “knot” in their “stomach” – one could say it is spasmed.  I use quotation marks because the knot can be anywhere along the intestinal tract.  In actuality, it could be in the stomach or the duodenum, the first part of the small intestine, or the large intestine. With 3D Chiropractic technology, we have the methods to soften the spasms and in just a few visits, the baby is sleeping, eating and pooping – like a baby should.

Remember, swing kids from under the arms, tickle a little but not too much, and don’t feel you have to “just deal with it” when you have a colicky baby.

Thanks for reading, and please pass this on to anyone you know who has these symptoms or who have children who are suffering.

God Bless You all who trust me with your care,

Dr. Al Thoroughness Nunez

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