It’s wonderful to see a new year beginning and our whole lives ahead of us.  What will this year bring? How will it be different from last year?  What choices can we make today to make our lives and health better than last year?  Will we drink more water and less wine?  Will we get more sleep?  Will we be more conscious of how much we eat and why we are eating it?  How about more quiet time to relax and reflect on the life we have been living and the progress that we have made?  Are we celebrating our wins along the way?

By April, the hopeful anticipation that marked the new year has fallen short for many of us. However, it’s important to remember that January 1st is not the only time we’re allowed to make changes to our lives or set new goals for the future.

I want to encourage you to recommit to being more conscious of our attitudes during the coming days. Let’s ask if what we are thinking or saying is loving towards ourselves and others or just judging, critical and perfectionistic.  If a friend was getting down on themselves for not living up to their own expectations, what would we say to them?  Surely we would remind them of all the things they do right, what they have achieved and how important they are to us.  I’d like to remind you to be that friend to yourself as you are to others, because often we are more judgmental of ourselves than anyone else is of us.  The more loving we are to ourselves, the more loving we can be to our neighbors.  This reduces stress, which reduces tension, which reduces pain, stomach problems, and headaches and helps keep the chiropractor off your back!

Now, back to the title of this newsletter.  This past year, one of my patients had been complaining about a chronic pain in the knee that just wouldn’t go away.  She had gone to many doctors and therapists, but the pain just wouldn’t budge.  Even I had tried in the past, to no avail.  Finally, she came to me one more time saying, “Help me, Dr. Nunez, you’re my only hope!”  Well, this got my knight in shining armor juices flowing and I knew I had to do better than I and others had done before.  I went over all the facts and what treatment I had done until I realized that there was one muscle, that had its origin deep in the groin and ended below the knee, that I had not treated.  I explained to the patient that although it would be painful and uncomfortable, it was the only thing I could think of to do. She agreed and it turned out to be exactly what was needed.  The case was solved!  She now is walking and running and enjoying her life so much more since her knee problem has been resolved.

Never give up hope!  There is someone who can help you.  Often, we are the ones who have the honor of getting the job done or it is a combination of several techniques or practitioners or home exercises.  The main thing to do is to keep seeking an answer.

One more thing: always ask about all your symptoms, not just the ones related to the spine!  You never know what we can do; when two people with a common purpose come together, we become an irresistible force to any immovable object.  Just as a reminder, I’ve included below a copy of the Good News List that is on my website of many conditions we’ve successfully treated.

See you soon and keep on moving towards Health Maximization!

Dr. Al

The Good News List:

  •     Migraine / Acne / Coccyx Pain–Tailbone
  •     Hiatal Hernia Syndrome / Dysphagia
  •     Frequency / Dysuria / Low Flow
  •     Incontinence
  •     Difficulty getting pregnant / Infertility
  •     Amenorrhea / Dysmenorrhea
  •     Low Energy / Chronic Tension
  •     Hypertension / Vertigo
  •     Otitis Media
  •     Colic
  •     Asthma / Bronchitis / Costochondritis
  •     Chronic Indigestion / Hiccups
  •     Constipation / Non-Organic Diarrhea
  •     Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  •     T.M.J. / Jaw Pain
  •     Frozen Shoulder / Tennis Elbow
  •     Golfer’s Elbow / Athletic Injuries
  •     Tendonitis / Bursitis / Hip pain
  •     Irritable Bowel Syndrome / Colitis
  •     Arms and Hands falling asleep
  •     Leg Cramps / Foot Cramps / Heel Spurs
  •     Knee and Foot pain / Plantar Fasciitis
  •     Cold Hands and Feet
  •     Sciatica / Disc Bulges
  •     Sway back / Slumped Posture
  •     Osteoarthritis / Rheumatoid Arthritis

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