She had been trying to get pregnant for two years with no luck. Frustrated, she decided, with her ob/gyn to go on the popular fertility drug Clomid. Clomid works by stimulating the creation of more eggs by the ovaries. After six months on the drug she was still not pregnant.

Finally, in June of 1997 she visited my office. She was desperate. At age thirty-eight she wanted to be a mother. Her husband, a long time patient, suggested to her that our methods might help.

I talked to both of them. She had taken the HSG test, which indicated there was no blockage of the fallopian tubes. Other tests indicated the husband’s sperm count was in the normal range.

During my initial evaluation she complained of chronic lower back pain. I decided this was where we would start.
I worked on the hip flexor muscle (psoas) which was very tight. After two sessions in June she was feeling better and remarked that after her treatments she was feeling very calm and relaxed.

On July 22nd she visited her medical doctor for the purpose of going back on Clomid, which she had not taken for four months. When he examined her he determined that Clomid would not be necessary. His exam showed she was pregnant!

This was the result of a team approach by her medical doctor and this office. Her chronic back pain and contracted psoas muscle had been pressuring the nerves that connect to the uterus and ovaries. Once our gentle chiropractic treatment and Pressure Plus Motion technique relaxed the muscle, normalcy was restored to the pelvic area.

In April of 1998 her husband called me here at the office to let me know that his wife had just delivered a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

On the same day that my first patient discovered she was pregnant in July of 1997 a second woman, Nancy, forty-one years of age, came to me with a similar problem. She had been married for eleven years.

Nancy and her husband, Paul, had undergone extensive fertility testing which indicated she had one blocked fallopian tube. She was unable to become pregnant. She did, however, report lower back pain when she exercised and tender stomach muscles on the left side of her body. She had been trying to get pregnant and had been using Clomid for one year when she came to see me.

Over the next two months we treated her chronic pain. After five visits she felt much better and the pain disappeared.

On October tenth she called me to report that she was pregnant. On June nineteenth of this year she delievered Sara Micheele, a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

While there is no question that all fertility problems can’t be solved by chiropractic, it is also clear that, in many women, there is a relationship between chronic lower back pain and stomach pain and infertility. We always like to work in conjunction with the patient’s medical doctors. We believe the team approach has the highest chance of success.

I encourage any woman who is having problems with becoming pregnant and exhibits these symptoms to call for an appointment. We offer a low cost, low risk, painless alternative to help couples get pregnant.


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