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Dr. Nuñez is a master chiropractor with over 27 years of experience dealing with the most difficult and "lost cause" cases since the beginning of his practice. He proudly graduated from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in December of 1982 magna cum laude. During his college training he first became familiar with a non-forceful treatment method of spinal correction that would eventually lead to Dr. Nuñez developing the 3-Dimensional Chiropractic Technique or 3DCT in 2000. 3DCT is more than a technique, it is also a philosophy based on the observation that frightening or traumatic events in youth cause tension in the muscles that can become chronic. Chronic tension over time leads eventually to chronic pain, joint degeneration and distortion of the body. Early in Dr. Nuñez's career he noticed that when he would adjust patients that they would feel better for a while but often the same symptoms would return. He realized that he needed to not only do more to release these chronically tense muscles, he also needed to teach his patients how to help themselves to loosen their muscles in between visits. He developed a muscle release technique called Pressure-Plus-Motion or PPM that would break up the chronically tense muscles and lead to a resolution of the problem. Eventually he began teaching these methods to his patients and wrote a self-help book in 1998 that patients could use as a guide to treat themselves. It is called, "How to Keep the Chiropractor Off Your Back!"

Dr. Nuñez's many unique experiences and varied work history prior to becoming a chiropractor have led to a perspective that looks at life and health from a new angle. He likes to say, "I may be good but we are great!" In other words, he only takes 50 percent credit when you get better, it takes both the patient and the doctor working together to get a victory over chronic pain and to restore health, vitality, vim and vigor.

Dr. Nuñez has been involved in the community in many ways since the beginning of his practice. He is a member of the American and California Chiropractic associations. He is a Life member of the Hollywood/Los Feliz Kiwanis Club for 24 years and a two time past distinguished president thereof. He has been a member of the La Crescenta Presbyterian Church since 1996 has been a deacon and currently is an elder.

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