"Dear Doctor, You fixed me!
OMG No more pressure in my back
no more pain in my knee or leg
I can walk safely ...
And I had come in thinking ....
'He won't be able to fix this easily'
And I was too busy talking to watch how you did it!
How did you do it!
Next time I am not going to talk
because I wanna see how you do it!
You are amazing ....My will or NOT!
Your not so secret admirer"

"Dr. Nunez is fantastic. He has worked on my kids as well as myself and the outcome is always amazing. After 2 treatments my knee has felt better than it has in months. Have been recommending Dr. Nunez to friends and family. Thank you for all your hard work."
  Doeding C., La Crescenta-Montrose

"I was diagnosed with stomach cancer in July 2011. With surgery and other complications (from chemo, radiation and a double bypass) I was essentially bedridden for the better part of a year. It was then I noticed a pain in my tailbone (coccyx) that kept getting worse and worse. After a few cortisone shots I was then turned over to pain management. Lumbar procedures, nerve blocks, and pain meds gave me little to no relief. I was at the point where the pain was so severe I would spend hours on the floor in a fetal position in an effort to ease the pain. That was when my wife found Dr. Alan online. In a couple of days I had my appointment. Dr. Alan personally takes an extensive history even asking about childhood accidents. (He thinks my problem stems from the ergonomics from my earlier career as a rock drummer.) I started feeling better after a few visits and I now only experience pain when I've been sitting or lying on my back too long. Believe me, this is a huge improvement. I highly recommend Dr. Alan. Not only is he a gifted healer, but he is a truly caring doctor and a wonderful man. Melissa, his office mgr., is so friendly and really puts you at ease. If you've been told that there's nothing that can be done for you, give Melissa a call and set up an appointment. You'll be glad you did."
  Bill C., Newhall

"Dr. Alan Nunez has saved my life several times already by solving problems that others did not know what to do with! The first incident was a ringing and pain in my ears, eyes intermittently out of focus and then not, jaw going out of place (excruciatingly painful.) This had been going on for approx one year and I had seen others unsuccessfully. I could not live like this so I had to continue to seek a solution. I got to speak to the doctor on the phone and when I described the situation he said, "Come right over " I did! His unusual technique of asking your own body to tell him what needs adjustment must be experienced to be understood. He finds out what needs to be done and from what direction the adjustment should be ...from the right ...from the left ...top or bottom. This process took 20 minutes to determine ...Then he made his adjustment with the sound of a samurai warrior. After just that one treatment ...I have NEVER experienced any of those conditions again! I am a believer in his healing touch. Ps His treatment is all with his hands ...no machines are used!"
  Susan S., Los Angeles

"I have been a customer for several years, and a happy one at that. Dr. Nunez has helped me on several car accident injuries as well as lower back issues, greatly alleviating pain and preventing the issues from becoming permanent. He is considerate, listens to my requests (I sometimes need to moderate the treatment in moments when it might become a little painful and he doesn't mind) and his approach is very holistic, taking psychology into account as well. Also, he has taught me several self-healing techniques for my more persistent problems - he actually wants you to get healthy and not become dependent on his treatment. The best part: he doesn't crack or pop anything, but his approach is to relieve the muscle tension to make the bones settle into their correct places, and therefore the benefit is more permanent and lasting than mere cracking and popping would produce. I always leave the place feeling like my body is lighter and correctly aligned. I highly recommend him; in fact I could not see myself going to another chiropractor."
  Johanna R., Los Angeles

"Dr. Nunez fixed my back and I avoided surgery!

Last year I hurt my lower back and herniated two disks. I went to Kurlan Jobe orthopedics and they told me I needed a spinal fusion. I didn’t want surgery so I had two spinal injections and 7 months of physical therapy without improvement. A friend had been recommending Dr. Nunez the entire year so I finally called and a made an appointment. Dr. Nunez is unlike any chiropractor I have been to. He had me back to normal in about 15 visits. He is incredible! Now I go back for maintenance every once in a while and to visit my new friends Dr. Nunez and Melissa!"   Erik C., Hermosa Beach

"I have been suffering from a coccyx pain for a year after giving birth to my daughters within 2 years and a fall that I had in my teenage years I had seen 3 chiropractors and none of them help me with the pain and I was told I need to do an internal adjustment which was scary just talking about it i was fortunate that I found Dr. Nunez and in few visits and with no Internal adjusting he was able to reduce my pain by 80-90% and I'm gonna continue seeing him until it's all gone he's amazing and Melissa (his assistant) is just a great human being and sooo nice so I hope this help whoever is wondering about finding a Dr. for coccyx pain."
  Jacklin S., Glendale

"It has taken me forever to get on yelp to let you know Alan IS THE BEST!!

I have gone to various chiropractors throughout my life, but NEVER has any of them helped me get SO WELL - SO FAST!!!

About a year ago I fell and hurt my Coccyx badly! I was in constant pain - I couldn't lie down, sit down, walk, etc. - I was uncomfortable in any possible position. Fortunately, I looked online for a chiropractor and found a 3D CHIRO.. PAINFREE - THAT TOTALLY SOLD to me so I made an appointment and went in ASAP...

AMAZINGLY, it took that SINGLE TREATMENT for me to be able to be comfortable once again with minimal pain. After my second visit I was completely pain free! ALAN's treatments not only helped my coccyx, but my posture and migraines AND SINCE THEN HAVE NEVER FELT SUCH PAIN IN MY COCCYX AGAIN!!

Additionally, Alan is very understanding and pleasant and his prices are so affordable that even a student like myself was able to afford treatment. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM WITHOUT ANY RESERVATION!
  Pearl A., Los Angeles

"When I first came to Dr. Nunez, I was experiencing pain in my knees, thumbs, elbows and lower back and was too often on the verge of tears and feeling worn down. When my friend recommended Dr. Nunez as 'a miracle worker', I knew he was the guy I needed to see. I'm happy to say that after only one visit, I was hugely relieved of the most extreme pain.

Not only does Dr. Nunez have thumbs of steel that know exactly where to go to find those crazy knots I didn't even know were there, Dr. Nunez is keenly intuitive and his holistic approach to healing and well-being is not only effective, but is truly refreshing and inspiring!
  Lillian W., Los Angeles

"I was certainly a skeptic of chiropractors, but that has changed! I had so much pain in my shoulders and neck that I couldn't sleep at all. I was miserable. Finally my husband convinced me to see Dr. Nunez. Within a week or so, my pain was reduced by about 90%. I could sleep again!! But Dr. Nunez didn't stop there. He found out that I hadn't slept straight through the night for at least 15 Years-I always have to go to the bathroom at least once a night. I thought not sleeping through the night was part of getting old. Dr. Nunez adjusted parts of my body that I didn't know needed adjusting, gave me a couple of tips and now I sleep soundly through the night! I wake up feeling refreshed and energized! My visits have been worth every penny!"   Helen P., Los Angeles

"I have been seeing Dr Nunez for a number of years now and can honestly say that he has got excellent results with every problem I have taken to him. Originally with a notoriously difficult to treat coccyx injury his holistic techniques have completely eliminated any pain i had. Over the years he has also helped me with, vertigo, headaches, stomach pains and many many other stress related conditions. I always leave his office feeling a new lease of life. I cannot recommend Dr. Nunez highly enough."
  Gary C., Los Angeles

"We were at the end of our rope with our two month old colicky baby boy when we decided to take him to see Dr. Nunez. The results were remarkable in that our son began to sleep through the night (sleep deprived parents also!) and the constant crying subsided. We can't thank Dr. N enough for his unique chiropractic approach in dealing with our son.

Thank you!"
  Brent K., La Cañada Flintridge

"I had a case of painful coccydinia that had lasted over 6 weeks since a rough 4x4 off-road trip. Sitting at the computer to do my job was really tough.

I went to see Dr. Nunez and started getting intense treatments. He especially worked on loosening up stiff muscles in my legs and buttocks. Although there was no immediate relief, I could tell that his work would help more than just my immediate injury, as many of my muscles were just much too tight. And after about 3 weeks of treatment, my condition simply disappeared. It's been 3 weeks since then, and I have been out of town on business, but have felt just a few twinges of "pain in the butt"

I strongly recommend Dr. Nunez and plan to continue to see him in the future."
  Leonard F., Los Angeles

"My mother has been an on-going patient of Dr. Alan Nunez for six or more years. When I visited during her appointment about seven months ago, Dr. Nunez suggested that my acne may be the cause of lactic acid build up due to an old jaw injury of some sort. Sure enough, in one session Dr. Nunez did what five+ dermatologists could not: cured my acne! Within a week my face was clear and has remained the same since.

With that said, whenever I hurt my neck doing sports or stressing, a trip to Dr. Nunez every so often makes me feel 100% better and healthier. I'm consistently amazed at how well his technique helps my mom, me, and others, that I am considering becoming a Chiropractor!

He has a very welcoming presence and discovers the underlying cause of your issues (as he states on his website), rather than treating your pain incorrectly.

Don't hesitate to pay him a visit, you won't regret it!"
  Jackie B., La Mirada

"This review is past due and I should have done this much sooner. I hope I am able to help others.

Dr. Nunez was the only doctor to get me out of an extreme hunched position and able resume a much more normal life again. After epidural spinal injection, a couple hospital stays and ortho surgeons, and spine doctors, many ER visits he was my last ditch effort and hope. They ALL told me to have SURGERY!!!!!!

When I went in to Dr. Nunez office I had little faith of a outcome to get me out of my horrible sciatica and large lumbar disk bulge with a pain scale of 10 at almost all times!!! After literally a handful of visits I was upright and able to chase my little children around and sleep at night finally after 1yr. of complete pain and sleep deprivation!!!

After all my recent doctors trips I became very cynical when it comes to the medical field and if you need help and are open minded this is your guy!!!

I had visits with other chiropractors with no avail! I hope this helps someone out there.

FYI I wanted to add I am bicycle shopping now. I couldn't of fathomed this 3 months ago."
  Candace R., Glendale

"I have been seeing Dr. Nunez off and on for the last two years. I went in for hip pain, and he diagnosed and solved the problem within 10 visits, which was his estimate. He taught me things that I could do to maintain my new painless state. Part of this was getting me out of orthotics prescribed by another doctor and improving the length of my stride. We also found some other issues I was not fully aware of, but Dr. Nunez diagnosed and fixed them in concert with my hip issue, so it did not cost me any more. Dr. Nunez is an excellent listener and he is extremely generous and caring. He is not one of those chiropractors that keep you there for life. His version of maintenance involves you following his exercises or advice on your own, and checking in after a few months depending on your condition. He is kind, efficient, ethical and extremely intuitive. I can think of nothing but glowing things about him. Melissa, who works the front office is amazing at her job and extremely helpful in scheduling, re-scheduling and being just fantastic at her job I would be remiss to not include her in this review. I have been meaning to write this for some time now, and cannot think of a more helpful way to start the new year."
  Monique R., Los Angeles

"I was referred to Dr. Nunez in 2005 by a friend. I had a severe hamstring injury and did not know how to handle it. I could not drive across town without severe pain. I met with Dr. Nunez and he explained his technique and treatment. We agreed to meet for a series of about 8 visits over some months and he completely handled my injury. I have never had another issue with this leg and frankly it feels like a new leg.

About a year ago I had a problem with my opposite leg and again went to see Dr. Nunez. I used to run long distances and was very active in many sports and because of this I had much unresolved tightness in the tendons, ligaments and muscles in my legs. This tightness was continually resulting in injuries in my legs and even an ankle injury. We met numerous times and he hatted me on technique and exercises I could do on my own in order to expedite a good result. This injury was worse than the hamstring injury and has taken longer to heal but at this time is 95% handled. I feel that I can begin to be as active as I used to be and know how to prevent any future injuries.

I owe my eternal gratitude to Dr. Nunez for his precise technique and unwavering commitment to getting a positive result with me and to Melissa for always getting me into see him.

I highly recommend Dr. Nunez to anyone needing chiropractic assistance and other sports injuries in their muscles, tendons and ligaments. He cares and is interested and dedicated to handling these issues and in teaching people how to help themselves and prevent future injuries."
  Pamela T., Glendale

"I have been seeing Alan for over 20 years and recommend him highly.

Others have explained his technique and the specifics so I will not try and explain that. However, when I say I have seen him for 20 years, this is not a weekly or monthly thing... Alan works efficiently and when a problem is solved, it is solved; rarely is there a need for costly maintenance. I see him when I need a chiropractor, or when i can afford it I'll go in annually just to check things out. He is warm, thoughtful and when I see him I always feel much better for the experience.

Alan is amazing at his craft."
  Erica H., Studio City

"Dr. Nunez is absolutely one of a kind.


His unique, specialized technique is different from every other chiropractor I've ever visited. He has developed an entirely different form of treatment called Pressure Plus Motion. This helps to get your body back to normal function and mobility so quickly that it's unbelievable. I've converted my wife, both my parents, and some friends & relatives who didn't even believe in the health benefits of chiropractors.

He has a list of ailments that he treats, including migraines, digestive problems, pregnancy pains, and any/every type of muscular ache and pain you can think of. If you have limited movement or wake up with pain every morning, give this man a call. HE IS A MIRACLE WORKER.

One morning I threw out my back after a year and a half of working out with a personal trainer. He fixed up my back in one or two visits, and started working on all the other minor aches and pains in the subsequent visits. All my old sports injuries that went untreated, Dr. Nunez has fixed them right up.

The amazing thing is that he is so friendly and genuine, that he tries to space out your visits so you don't become dependent on him. As soon as your major problems are taken care of, he gives you tips and pointers on how to avoid coming back to him. How refreshing!"
  Oliver B., Glendale

"I have been going to him since 1997. He is not a bonecracker like the rest. He has fixed me every time I've gone. Recently in passing, I mentioned I had a neuroma (tingling) in the ball of my right foot. Gone! I wish he'd write the book he promised and he occasionally teaches his techniques."   Sharon M., Los Angeles

"I started going to Dr Nunez after I fell down some stairs. I have made tremendous progress in range of motion, and posture. I can walk easily, and even run for short periods. Dr Nunez is the only chiropractor I've ever been to who could actually fix things long term rather than simply making superficial adjustments."
  Melanie M., Glendale

"I started going to Dr. Nunez when he first opened his Hollywood office in 1985 and have continued with him ever since. What a difference he has made in my life. During those early days he was heads and shoulders above other chiropractors by using the Directional Non-Force Technique(DNFT) . Since then he has significantly improved his ability to treat patients by developing his astounding Pressure-Plus-Motion and now his 3-D technique. Together with DNFT these techniques are nothing short of astounding. My recent involvement with Dr. Nunez was prompted by a painful bilateral groin injury where walking and sleeping were more than difficult. Even after 15 sessions with a highly regarded physical therapy treatment center (associated with a major hospital in Pasadena), the pain would gradually diminish but would then return with a vengeance. After only one session with Dr. Nunez the pain was 85% gone and after the second session he completely relaxed the last muscle in the groin and I was pain free. I am more than grateful to have Alan Nunez in my corner!!!
  William P., Pasadena

Amazing work Dr. Al did for me! He took care of everything from a car accident injury to and old injury from a fall down the stairs, to basic breathing! Expect to feel pain but expect to feel rejuvenated also!"
  Tuleen M., Glendale

"Dr. Nunez aka The Miracle Worker!

Dr. N is not only a wonderful Chiropractor but a wonderful human being. He has helped improve my health physically and mentally.

A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy on the right side of my face. I was devastated and did not know if or when I would recover. Instead of going to my regular MD and be given drug prescriptions, I decided to go the natural way. Dr. N teaches us that the body can help with the healing process if we understand the root cause of the pain. As he examined me, he noticed that I had A LOT of tension on my right shoulder leading to the right side of my neck. I had faith that Dr. N would be able to ease the muscle tension. After only a few visits in under 1 week and a half, my Bell's Palsy IMPROVED! I was completely recovered in 2 weeks!!! That is a miracle considering there are cases where people with Bell's Palsy don't see results for 6 months to a year. In some cases, never. I've always known Dr. N to be a Miracle Worker so I expected a miracle...and I got one!

I love and thank Dr. Nunez with all of my heart!"
  Janelyn M., Los Angeles,

"I had suffered from chronic lower back pain for years but wasn't ready to live disabled. When I learned about the "no twisting, no cracking, no popping" treatment of Dr. Nunez, I decided to give him a try. The results were liberating. I was able to experience a pain-free body on most days! Dr. Nunez is a caring healer and truly treats his patients from a holistic perspective. He has taught me to be so much more aware of the mind-body-spirit connection. And Melissa runs the office like an angel!"
  Emily G., La-Crescenta Montrose

"Where do I begin? First of all, thank you to the yelpers on here because I thought all chiropractors popped and cracked. I've had muscle manipulation before but that was it. And that was not done at a chiropractors office. So after 15 years or so in pain, I felt like it was just something I was going to have to live with because everything I've had thus far has been a temporary fix.

When I stumbled upon all these reviews I had to give Dr. Nunez a call--his approach seemed so different and there was loads of praise. Melissa, who runs the office, answered the phone--what a delight! I already liked the place. She is fun, informative, helpful, didn't rush me, answered all my questions--love her.

Onto Dr. Nunez...he is amazing. Never in my life have I been to a chiropractor like him. First of all, he has this calming way about him, very sweet, and you can tell he really cares. His method is holistic and unique, and I love that he applies the body, mind, spirit connection--treating the whole person!

I've only had one visit, and I already feel better. : )"
  Christina C., Los Angeles

"I have been looking for a doctor like Dr. Nunez my whole adult life, someone who had faith in the body to heal itself and who has actually helped people do that (including me), not the slew of new age doctors in LA who believe in this and say all the right things supporting such, but yet their treatments fall short of results. Then all you get is a bunch of bills from spending money on their treatments, vitamins and/or homeopathic solutions - oh and don't forget pooping in a French fry tray and sending it off to God knows where, God knows why. Then there's the regular doctor who thinks we're supposed to fall apart the older we get as they pat you on the back and hand you your prescription.

What I really like about Dr. Nunez is that he seems to regard the body as the miracle worker that it is. The countless jobs the body does - breathing, digesting, blinking and so on. He actually helps you utilize your amazing body's capacity to heal itself. Your body was made that way. If you think somebody else is going to fix your health problems then Dr. Nunez is not for you. Dr. Nunez helps get your body in alignment, gives you exercises to continue to help yourself - it's a team effort. If you want a pill, Dr. Nunez is not for you. If you want to dig deep and get to the root of your health issues - Dr. Nunez is your man! Thanks to all of you who posted here before. It really helped in my decision to go to Dr. Nunez. And thanks Dr. Nunez for choosing this as your profession."
  Mary Alice C.

"I've had several appointments with Dr. Nunez, each time better than the last. I'm battling some disc and back issues from years of running (am 50) and I always feel better when I leave. The deep muscle adjustments, without all the cracking and popping, has had me walking upright by the end of the session and pain free several times. The Dr. has always had a positive, professional manner and seems genuinely concerned with all things going in my life that might be contributing to various muscle tension. I just wish there was some way to teach my wife to use her hands in the same way."
  Mark W., La Canada-Flintridge

"I am so excited to have come across this site! I just recently injured myself and have been to a few chiropractors already,.. and in the middle of sharing my story with a friend of how disappointed I was with the healing process, I found myself saying, 'You know,... there was this one amazing chiropractor who treated me after my car accident about 15+ years ago. His office was in Hollywood back then, but I don't know where he is anymore!'

My friend said- Google him!!! Duuhhhhh!!! And Wa-La I'VE FOUND HIM!!! I will be writing a new review for this new pain I'm experiencing, but I will tell you this,.... When Dr. Alan Nunez treated me way back when, the results I had where amazing!! I had been in pain for a couple of weeks with other doctors, and it wasn't until I was introduced to Dr. Nunez that my healing truly began, and with ease and grace! Not only is he a miracle worker, with interesting techniques, (the way he adjusts I had never experienced before), but he is a gentle and kind man. He truly cared and listened to what I was saying about my body... and this may sound hokie to some,... but he understands that mind and body are connected and I believe that is why his holistic healing is so amazing! I care about 'results', but I also like to feel that my doctor has good bed side manner, and "really cares" too! He's about taking however much time your body needs- and I love that about his practice.

I may live in Orange County now,... but driving over an hour is definitely worth my healing process this next time around!!!

I'll be seeing Dr. Nunez this week and I'll be back here to give you the update! I'm sure the second time around will be just as "healing" as the first!! Here is to everyones health! and thank you Dr. Nunez, so glad I found you AGAIN!!!!! ( ahhhh - I love google!)!"
  Maria R., La Habra

"After suffering a back injury in 1983 I saw many chiropractors and had many back problems until I discovered Dr. Nunez. I have now been pain free for YEARS! I have even run a couple of marathons and 1/2 marathons with the good Doctor tuning me up during my training. My entire family has benefited from his care. I have referred friends and colleagues and everyone has been thrilled with his service."
  -Craig Cox

"Best ever. I came to Dr. Nunez on the recommendation of a friend for relief of general stress, pain, lack of mobility (I was only in my early 40s) He fixed all that, but the true miracle was my feet. My feet were so sweaty that I had a thick, pockmarked, white layer of skin on the bottom of my feet that I couldn't get rid of. I had it for MANY years, and even went to a podiatrist for help. All the podiatrist did was diagnose it as sweaty feet and gave me some cream which really did not help much.

When Dr. Nunez saw my feet, he began to work on my feet, legs, etc. to improve my circulation and after ONE treatment for my feet, I saw improvement with my condition. After two to three subsequent visits IT WAS COMPLETELY GONE AND HAS NOT RETURNED. I still see Dr. Nunez about every two months for general adjustments, but the problem with my feet has not needed any additional treatments. I have recommended Dr. Nunez to my friends for general pain relief, etc. and would highly recommend him to ANYONE who has a problem with their feet I used to have. He's the best."
  -Matthew C.

"Dr. Nunez is a true healer! He's not your typical bone crunching, twisting and popping chiropractor. I've been a patient of his since 1999 and he's helped me so much! From little aches and pains, to major adjustments from a fall or accident, to old injuries from childhood - he's always helped - and continues to help me feel my best. I'm almost 51 and I feel like I'm in my 30's.

I now live in Jackson Hole, but when I know I'm going to be in the Los Angeles area - (at least once or twice a year), I always book an appointment with Dr Nunez to get a "tune up". He definitely keeps me feeling my best! When I talk to friends who are my age whose aches and pains keep them from enjoying an active lifestyle, I tell them about Dr Nunez... my only regret is that he doesn't have offices in other cities besides LA! Seriously, do your body a favor and pay Dr. Nunez a visit - you won't be disappointed!!"
  -Pamela O.

"I had severe episodes of vertigo for about three years, ranging from once a week to five times a week. In desperation, I had visited three different ENTs, had one nasal endoscopy, one cranial x-ray, and one cranial CT scan. Every diagnosis suggested that I had an imbalance of fluid in my ears and I had to live with this condition. I was completely hopeless, so I searched online for patients with similar problems and several had mentioned going to a chiropractor for adjustments in the upper cervical region. I decided I had enough of these specialists trying to tell me to just live with my condition, and take a chance with chiropractic treatment.

On my first visit, I had discovered a magnitude of other symptoms that I had not really noticed as a problem before. I had a nervous snacking habit (mostly crackers); large knots in the muscles in upper back, digestion problems, acid reflux, TMJ (diagnosed in 2004), and a clicking left hip joint. I always thought these symptoms were just signs of aging. Dr. Nunez had adjusted my stomach on the first session, which in the first two weeks I had noticed that my snacking habits slowly diminished and the knots in my back had reduced.

My vertigo had been reduced just slightly to fewer episodes after four treatments. I started noticing that I was slowly losing weight because I was not craving the crackers I was used to eating, and my acid reflux was gone. My digestion problems had become regulated, and the grinding in my left jaw from TMJ had also gone away. After the 11th session, my vertigo was nearly nonexistent, the only times I had experienced it was if I slept in a strange position on my neck. Dr. Nunez had moved over to working on my clicking hip, which had prevented me from running in 2006. After four sessions, I have been able to slowly get back into the lower impact sports without inflammation in my hip joint. After 15 sessions, I've noticed that my vertigo is gone, I am able to work out without painful joint problems, been eating healthier, and I have lost 17 lbs.

All I wanted from these sessions was to fix the vertigo problem that I had, I never expected to go through a complete physical transformation.

I give my highest recommendation, thank you Dr. Nunez!"
  -Judy H.

"Dr. Nunez is a miracle worker. I go and see him every couple of months, and he always sets me right. This last time in, I was doing particularly bad. I could barely sit without hunching due to pain in my back. After doing some work on my neck, stomach, leg and thigh the pain was gone. There was nothing wrong with my back!

Thank you Dr Nunez!"
  -James R.

"Dr. Nunez is the best! I've been going to him for a couple of years. He's treated me for a number of injuries that I've had ranging from an old car accident to stress and strain from computer desk jobs, to extreme sports injuries and whiplash. He's a very nice and caring chiropractor who has a very unique approach to treating patients. He doesn't ever crack your bones.

In the past, I've had several different chiropractors who did the traditional methods of twisting you into a pretzel, to smash and crack your bones into place. I'm so glad I don't have to go through that torture anymore!"
  -Nancy Lai

"I have been going to Dr. Nunez for 10 years now. He's a miracle worker! He will not take the credit alone..he will say, "we did it together." Needless to say, he's helped to cure many interesting things...one of which I have had since I was a child. When I was young I went to see my father and he took me fishing. I ended up getting what appeared to be some type of fungus on my feet. For over 30 years now no medical doctor has given me any internal or topical medicine that would even dent it. I pointed it out to Dr. Nunez and asked if he could help me with it. We've been working on that area for a few months (during my bi-weekly visits) and it's almost completely gone now. There is still some light discoloration from being there for SO many years...but, the actual rash, GONE. Another miracle. Thanks Doc Nunez"
  -Keith L.

"I've been going to Dr. Nunez for about 10 years. I went to him initially because I could not lift my arm over my head without pain. After the first session the pain was less and after a few sessions the pain was gone. I recently had a terrible time with acid reflux that was persistent for over a year. Dr. Nunez cured it in one session. He has also helped my granddaughter who had a problem for years after her heart surgery. A few times a month she would wake up in the middle up the night throwing up bile. Dr. Nunez was able to fix it in a few sessions. He applies pressure to the muscles and it is somewhat painful but he won't subject you to any more than you can tolerate and it only lasts for a few seconds. I see him when I have a pain or injury and after a few sessions I feel like new. Then if I'm doing good I'll check in with him twice a year, sorta like a tune up. I highly recommend Dr. Nunez. You'd be surprised what he can do in just a few sessions."
  -Barbara B.

"Dr. Nunez to the rescue! I recently started a rigorous exercise program. One day my calf muscle got a bad cramp. I was so disappointed because I had finally committed to getting in shape and had to stop because of the hurt calf. The calf muscle would not loosen up. I tried stretching, heat, various balms and nothing worked. As the weeks went by my calf got worse and I could barely walk. My first treatment with Dr. Nunez brought immediate relief. After several visits, my calf was fully recovered and I was able to start my exercise routine again. I wish I had gone to Dr. Nunez at the first sign of trouble. It would have saved me weeks of needless pain.
Thank you Dr. Nunez!

"Dr. Nunez goes far beyond any chiropractic treatment I have ever received. His ability to diagnose, explain and treat with super human preciseness is unparallel! You should run, not walk and he will correct things you weren't even aware were potential issues!"

"After being told by two orthopedic surgeons that I had degenerative arthritis and would need surgery on my neck, I found Dr. Nunez.

I actually had about 50% relief after one visit and was completely healed after four. I went from thinking about my neck every waking minute to forgetting I had one. You owe it to yourself to see Dr. Nunez. Be good to yourself! It works!"

"Well, I was at my wit's end. I had picked up a stereo amplifier (40#) while in my knees without bracing with my elbows so I had outstretched arm.

I felt a twinge in my back and thought "uh oh." I was right, a day or two later I felt tingling and burning down to my left foot. As time progressed, it got worse, my leg went numb to my heel and the pain dictated that I sit down very ten minutes or so or I had to get near the floor and hyper flex my left leg.

My friend had told me about Dr. Nunez but I had rejected the idea. NOW I was ready. I didn't care if he lit incense and chanted.

He took the pain away on the first visit and my feet touched the ground differently than before. In three weeks of going 2 and 3 times a week, the numbness went away.

Needless to say, it was a successful treatment. I can't recommend Dr. Nunez highly enough. I have referred countless people to him and the ones that went always got results OR he changed their path of treatment by recommending medical treatment when he saw that was the necessary path.

That includes my mother in law who, on the third visit, Dr. Nunez sent her for x-rays (he doesn't own a machine and therefore doesn't stand to profit from them.

She had osteo-arthritis in her hip and she went to a surgeon and had to have a hip replacement.

Dr. Nunez knew it wasn't a condition he could benefit. A true sign of good ethics.

I carry his cards in my wallet for the occasional person who might need it."

"Dr Alan Nunez is a miracle worker, in my opinion. I will sing his praises to anyone who will listen.

I first went to Dr Nunez a few years ago after spending 6 months with a snap-crackle-pop chiropractor for a car accident injury. Within 2 visits I regained full motion in my neck!

During that first visit, Dr Nunez noticed my hands were cold and clammy. Isn't this normal? Evidently it is not! He worked on my forearms and showed me some techniques to do at home as well, which helped restore normal circulation to my arms and hands. Now my hands are now warm and dry. Dr Nunez has helped me resolve many other little issues, some even before I knew they were issues, including work on my jaw (releasing tension) which led to less tooth-sensitivity!

A few years ago, my left foot/big toe began hurting and since I'd had bunion surgery on my right foot at the age of 19, I knew the pain well. Dr Nunez worked on my foot, and - voila! - no more pain, which means No More Surgery!

I think the most important thing Dr Nunez helped me with was my breathing. Since early high school, I had had trouble breathing. Sometimes it would feel like I couldn't get a full breath, no matter how much I tried. Several times I ended up in the emergency room, where doctors told me there was nothing wrong with me and I was getting enough air - a very aggravating pronouncement when one feels like they're suffocating. I can't remember why I mentioned this to Dr Nunez, but it prompted him to check my stomach, where he discovered that some areas of my stomach were so tight that my diaphragm was not able to expand fully - hence the feeling of lack of breath! It took several visits of working on my stomach, my working on it at home and holding the intention of healing, but I can now report that my breathing is now comfortable and normal. When it starts to feel short again (which is very rare), I also know now what techniques to do on myself to bring it back to normal.

Every day I am grateful for how much Dr Nunez has helped me. Of course now that I live in another state, I miss him terribly and wish I could find another chiropractor who does the same kind of work and has the same kindness and passion for helping people feel good.

Even if you think he may not be able to help with an issue, ask! Chances are, Dr Nunez will be able to help. (Can you tell I'm a fan?)"

"I came to Dr. Nunez's office in a last chance attempt to relieve pain that I thought was in my back. Boy was I wrong! After one session with Dr. Nunez I felt so much better I stopped taking pain medications! It turned out to be a injury that I sustained a year prior that had not healed and affected other parts of my body.

What I came to realize was that the years of wear and tear on my body were taking its toll. As an athlete all my life and now as a firefighter who places incredible demands on my body I realized that it is the little things that matter. Dr. Nunez worked patiently with me over the course of a year to get me healthy again. What a difference he has made to my quality of life. I am back to doing things I could not do before because it hurt too bad. I never thought I could feel this good.

If you are in pain or suffering from medical problems that your doctor can not seem to treat then schedule an appointment with Dr. Nunez. It was only three sessions for me to realize that his hands are magically powerful. He is the best and last chiropractor you will ever use."

"A friend of mine recommended Dr. Nunez and his "no-cracking" chiropractic technique. I was skeptical, but my lower back had been bothering for quite some time -- I had injured it playing football in high school, and now, 15 years later, the pain was returning with a vengeance.

Well I'm glad I took my friend's advice. Dr. Nunez definitely helped relieve my back pain. His method can be painful, but once you move through the temporary pain of the treatment, the long-term pain seems to vanish. He also worked on areas of stress and muscle tightness I didn't even know I had.

Highly recommended."

"A while back I pinched a nerve in my neck lifting weights. The pain was so severe that I couldn't turn my neck more than a few degrees to the right.

I resisted the suggestion of a friend to see Dr. Al for three days do to my dislike of chiropractors. I normally rank this experience right up there with sitting through a time share presentation or buying a used car.

Dr. Al was completely different. His approach is refreshing and I found him to be honest, fast, and most important, his method works! In one session I had 80% of my neck motion restored and within 3 days I had 100% of my range of motion back. And all this with one visit, and no popping, twisting, or cracking.

Dr. Al is amazing and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone with temporary or chronic pain."

"I broke my leg playing ice hockey then, during the recovery period of about 8 months after my surgery I developed a severe hip pain that was so deep I had a very hard time walking at all. I had never been to a chiropractor and had only heard semi good results about the work that had been done on friends by other chiropractors.

Dr. Al came highly recommended so I gave him a try and I am so glad I did. By the time I was done with the first HALF HOUR visit I could tell a difference already. My hip felt more loose and relaxed. By the fourth visit my hip was completely "fixed". Then, with Dr. Al showing me some injury specific techniques on not re-injuring my hip I was on my way. I was over joyed with Dr. Al's level of service and attentiveness to my sports injury needs and I'm back playing hockey. He even found a toe that I had broken when I was a little kid ,and forgot about, then loosened that up for me...amazing!!

As others have said his technique in chiropractic methods are phenomenal and really just cannot be missed if you are looking for that alternate technique that shames conventional methods."   -S.H.

"I was so pleased to find Dr. Allen Nunez! I had taken a chance and found him on Yelp. Well, here I am! And please let me give a shout out to Melissa (Receptionist Extraordinaire). Her kindness and professionalism just completes the overall package of services!

He is not your typical chiropractor. He is truly a master of his art and science. I had never heard of the 3-D method, having been a massage therapist myself. I am hooked. No popping no cracking. (Just like it says!) I felt immediate relief and a surge of energy after every visit. I am still undergoing treatment for my tailbone pain. He will try to help you and genuinely cares.

He is professional and with exemplary bedside manners. Thank you Dr. Nunez. I am so thankful for you!"   -S.B.

"I have tried it all! In 1978 I broke my back while serving in the US Navy. Since then I tried everything. I got every recommendation you could imagine. Then several years ago I met Dr. Nunez and found my savior from the constant pain of a 30 year old back injury. No popping, no assembly line treatment just relief.

If you are in a bad way or looking for your last chiropractor you've come to the right man. Make an appointment with Dr. Nunez today and give him a few visits then you'll feel the results I am here raving about.

Thank you Dr. Al for fixing me! "   -R.M.

"Dr. Nunez is one of the only chiropractors that can tell you that your condition can be fixed. I had severe discomfort in my neck/back. When other doctors told me I would have to visit every week for the rest of my life, he fixed in 8 sessions. During one of the appointments he loosened up my jaw which then reduced any acne that was originating there. He has all of these tips and tricks to reducing stress as well as assisting in appearance. His holistic approach is something I deeply respect and trust. I know I'm in good hands with him."   -E.M.T.

"I've been a patient of Dr. Nunez's for over 20 years. Given that I am only 25 this is pretty impressive! My journey started when my mother was having problems getting pregnant with me. She visited Dr. Nunez for an adjustment and within a few weeks was able to conceive! She loves to say that her "chiropractor got me pregnant!" As her pregnancy with me progressed she kept visiting Dr. Nunez for continual treatments including gently adjusting my position in her womb. Years after I was born and when I was still a young thing, I remember visiting Dr. Nunez in his former Hollywood office. How much fun that was! And subsequently over the years I still return quite regularly.

My own personal health journey has been fantastic, aided in no small part by Dr. Nunez. In the late 1990's, early 2000's I was injured while competing in an archery tournament. Unable to move my right arm other than to cross it in front of my chest I made an emergency appointment immediately (after a midnight ER visit in which I was given Vicodin for the pain and told there was nothing wrong). Dr. Nunez was astounded over the shape I was in and during the course of my hour-long treatment found 7 ribs and vertebra out of place! No wonder I couldn't lay down on my own! Recovering fully and completely from this injury took me over a year and included weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) visits to see him. I can honestly say, 100%, that Dr. Nunez saved me from a lifetime of pain and suffering from my injury.

Not only is Dr. Nunez beyond capable in putting back together injured or so called "lost cause" patients but he is also able to help "little, mundane" things that have cropped up in my life over the years. I've been chronically constipated for over 20 years and during one session I expressed my intense frustration over this situation. After describing where I was feeling pain, Dr. Nunez was able to remove a blockage in my system that has restored normal function to a greater degree! On another occasion I complained about my sweaty palms and how embarrassing it was to have to wipe my hands before shaking another's. Using Pressure-Plus Motion (Dr. Nunez's own concept) he was able to relieve my symptoms and leave me able to shake another person's hands without fear of embarrassment.

There is only one person I trust my bones and muscles to and that is Dr. Nunez. There is no reason to live with pain or suffering when there is a treatment option readily available. Take it from someone who is abjectly averse to sensational treatments and new-fangled healing. I'm a loyal patient and I encourage you to trust yourself to Dr. Nunez's healing hands."   -S.O.

"Dr. Nunez helped me immeasurably after I'd given up hope that help was possible. He has a gift as well as skills that are possibly unmatched anywhere. For anyone with what they thought was an uncurable condition or intractable pain, do yourselves a huge favor and check him out. One downside: he doesn't want to see you several times a week forever. Once he'd seen me over the worst of my troubles, I had to coax him for appointments."

"Love Dr. Nunez! No cracking, its amazing how great you feel after you leave his office! Thanks, Dr. Nunez!"   -W.H.

"Fearful of all the cracking, popping and twisting, I avoided chiropractors like the plague until I met Dr. Nunez, who uses a gentler and more holistic approach. After just five sessions with Dr. Nunez, I regained full mobility of my right hip (which has given me trouble since my late 20s) and was cured of a hard spasm in my right calf muscle (that two doctors had diagnosed as an incurable tendon tear). Thanks to Dr. Nunez, who I like to call "the miracle man", I feel fifteen years younger and am able to once again enjoy long evening walks with my husband completely free from pain."   -D.N.

"I was having an acute tailbone and sacrum pain after an accident for the last couple of months. I had tried few physical therapists and chiropractors. Nothing worked. After 6 sessions, I started to see the improvement and my pain has come down a lot. His 3-D Chiropractic method definitely works. Thanks to Dr. Nunez."   -M.K.

"I came in like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, and now my shoulder problems are gone. Dr. Nunez is not your stereotypical bone crusher, but a sensitive and effective practitioner of his art. Great to work with, he has convinced this one-time skeptic."   -D.B.

"Dr. N has been treating me for several years. It all started with a lower back pain that took Nunez 3 treatments to cure. Last year I had a rotator-cuff shoulder injury from working out. I tried a "traditional" chiropractor and after several weeks of useless treatments and spending several hundred dollars, I got smart and went to Nunez. He applied pressure (sometime very painful pressure) to several areas including back, pectoral muscle and finally in MY ARMPIT!!! After cursing for several seconds I jokingly asked if I was now cured... and surprisingly I was. This man has some mad skills!!!! Now I am seeing him for a very sore knee. Hopefully, I will be well after 2 treatments!"   -K.H.

"I have experienced pain in my back since 1997, shoulder and neck since 2004 and hip since 2007. My back was injured top to bottom in a series of 5 car accidents and 2 work injuries. I tore my rotator cuff and the anterior and posterior ligaments in my shoulder and I have three bulging discs in my neck, one of which has a tear. Needless to say life was pretty uncomfortable. I have been to years of physical therapy and chiropractors which helped until I walked out the door of their offices and then I was back in pain again. My hip was the problem that brought me to see Dr. Nunez. I explained my problems and he said 10 visits should be enough to fix all that was ailing me. I had never heard such a bold statement. I always heard, "See me 3 times a week for ever and we'll see what we can do to ease the pain." After leaving Dr. Nunez's office that day I felt sort of like a head rush, but all over my body. It was mixed with elation. I have full range of motion in my neck and shoulder, my back does not hurt and my hip feels so much better. This was all done in a matter of weeks. I praise him every chance I get and have recommended him to co-workers, which I have never been able to do before. I almost forgot to mention the migraine headaches I suffered from since 1996. The reason I forgot to mention them earlier is because I haven't had one since the 3rd visit to see Dr. Nunez. I have not had a migraine in two and a half years! He is a great doctor and has a great personality."   -D.D.

"I'm so thankful for what Dr. Nunez has done for me. His method/technique has tremendously helped me overcome over 13 years of persistent painful cystic acne breakouts on my face. At times, my acne was so bad that simply speaking was unbearably painful! My jaw-line and cheekbones used to be covered with overlapping cystic acne, which would throb relentlessly. Upon seeking Dr. Nunez's help, I learned that an old injury to my jaw, at age 14, had caused tension in the jaw-line resulting in the lack of blood flow in the area, hence causing the cystic breakouts which started about a year after the incident had occurred.

Throughout those years I took numerous medications and antibiotics prescribed by different doctors, tried every product advertised, tried out facials of different sorts, and just about every home remedy I heard of. Some things helped a little for a short period of time, some aggravated the acne more, while the others had no affect at all. I honestly tried everything short of Accutane which was an option I wasn't willing to resort to, due to all the controversial side effects involved.

Since Dr. Nunez's treatments, my acne has cleared, only leaving behind the scarred memory of the cystic monsters that had taken over my face, and my life. He has also helped eliminate the frequent tension headaches I endured during those years, along with the clicking and locking of my jaw, of which I was told only surgery, could cure. I've learned that every other treatment out there helps with the symptoms (the acne) stemming from the root of the problem. You can not treat this disease without treating the source, or the reason why you're breaking out in the first place.

Thank you Dr. Nunez! God Bless you and your gift."   -Delightfully, Acne Free

"I first met Dr. Nunez over 12 years ago. I initially came to him for my scoliosis and back pain. He does not do any type of "cracking" in his treatments. My back has improved so significantly that I rarely have that complaint at all. I generally see him every couple of months for what I like to call a "tune up." Keeps my body in alignment, has helped me with other issues such as bronchitis, stomach problems, etc. He is really an amazing man and I have referred many people to him who have been so grateful. I can't say enough wonderful things about him. Also, he does not ask you to come 3 times a week for months on end. His goal is to get you to come to him less, not more."   -J.A., from Sherman Oaks

"I can honestly say that Dr. Nunez changed my life. I am 23 years old and just weeks ago I was suffering from chronic heartburn, migraines, and shoulder pain that was causing my arms to go numb. My doctor prescribed medicine for the heartburn and painkillers for the muscle pain, but nothing made me feel better. My mom thought maybe a chiropractor would help and my uncle recommended Dr. Nunez. After just two weeks of seeing Dr. Nunez, all of my pain went away. It felt like a miracle.

I thought that my quality of life couldn't get any better, but I was wrong. After curing the symptoms that brought me into his office, Dr. Nunez wanted to check the rest of my body for other problems. When he got to my calves I broke into tears before he even touched me. I have suffered from severe Charley horses in my calves ever since I became a teenager and these muscle spasms happen frequently on their own and any time anyone squeezes or rubs my calves. Dr. Nunez asked me questions about my past and found out that when I was thirteen I fell down several flights of cement stairs, injuring both my legs. Knowing this, Dr. Nunez discovered that the fall had caused my muscles and bones to be out of place and very tight, and within just a few weeks he was able to fix everything. I had no idea that the fall was the cause for my discomfort; I just thought I was destined to live with all this pain. I used to get frequent Charley horses and suffered from headaches at least once a day. Since seeing Dr. Nunez I haven't had a single headache (except one on New Year's Day which was caused by the night before) and I haven't had a single Charley horse. In addition, after the first two weeks of seeing Dr. Nunez I was able to stop taking my heartburn medication. I wake up every day feeling like a different, happier person.

Dr. Nunez improved my quality of life more than I ever could have imagined. I recommend him to everyone."   -L.N.

I had a terrible accident when I was 15 years old and lived with incredible pain for decades. Over the years I went to many specialists, surgeons, chiropractors and physical therapists resulting in only temporary relief. It wasn't until a massage therapist that I had to go to each week, so that I could work, took pity on me and told me where she and other therapists went when they had back problems.

What struck me right away was how ethical Dr. Nunez is. He said to give him at least 8 sessions and if I was still in pain that he probably couldn't help me, but he thought I would see some relief after 5 or 6 sessions. After the third session I noticed improvement and after 8 sessions, I was able to move like I had not been able to do for many, many years and the pain was gone! Dr. Nunez was responsible for changing my life so that finally, I was able to participate and do things that I never believed I would be able to do. He is a wonderful doctor who really wants to help others plus he has a great sense of humor and believes in giving back to others. My family and I will be forever grateful to Dr Nunez.    - Diane M.

"I gave up on chiropractic about 15 years ago, when the last one I'd been going to gave up on me. I'd been told I had a herniated disc in my lower back. Since then my back had gotten worse and worse, to the point I couldn't rake my yard, dig in my garden, and sometimes couldn't even walk across the room without sharp, debilitating pain. About two months ago, I was having lunch with my long time friend...he made it clear that there was no way I'd not at least go see Dr. Nunez. I went. Unlike any chiropractic treatment I've ever had, not one bone cracked or popped. But I felt better. After the first two or three treatments, I noticed I could rake, dig up entire garden beds, lift things, take long walks, sit for long periods, etc. with never another sharp pain. I never expected to be 'normal' again, as to such activity. You're amazing, Dr. Nunez. And I can't thank Dr. Nunez enough for his work, his integrity, and most of all, for his very real caring."   -L.V.O'H.

"The stress had been building up for a long time before this but I did not pay any attention to the warning signs, and finally something had to give out and that was my neck. All I did was lift the groceries in the back of my car and I was knee deep in pain. I could not move my neck at all. When I first saw Dr. Nunez he was not even sure I would move my neck again. But with his help of chiropractic training and holistic healing I am able to resume all of my normal activities within reason and good balance. With his training of stress management and good nutrition I now have a very balanced diet and good management of my daily stress habits. I will continue to see Dr. Nunez to keep my body well adjusted and always keep my life in good balance."   -J.E.B.

"When I first went to Dr. Nunez I could barely move my neck. I had chronic pain which I thought was uncurable and my lot in life to bear. By my third appointment the pain was gone and with regular monthly or bimonthly visits has not returned. The range of motion in my neck has increased at least 60% and my general health has also improved considerably. Thank you, Dr. Nunez, again for your caring, gentle and thorough treatments which have helped me sooo much! My wife and I will continue to recommend Dr. Nunez to all our friends in the most glowing terms!"   -F.O.

"After suffering with a stiff neck and an aching shoulder for a very long time, I decided to make a trip to Dr. Nunez the next time my brother and sister-in-law went for their treatments. In one treatment I am now able to pick up the teakettle without having to hold my right arm with my left one to enable me to pour water into my coffee cup. One or two treatments on my neck eliminated the stiffness so was able to turn my head around without having shooting pains bothering me, especially while driving in traffic. Dr. Nunez also discovered my jaw was out of alignment and one treatment fixed that. Several years ago I had had a fall and twisted my right knee. It pained me and one adjustment fixed that problem. I really feel like a new person--thanks to Dr. Nunez and his method of treatments for aches and pains."   -R.H.

"I arrived in California from New York last night with a pain in my back. This caused me to be a pain in the a--. Dr. Nunez's knowledge in harmony with his magic fingers took away almost all of the pain in the back--overnight. Going through days without pain and suffering, just minor discomfort through the night, after just one treatment was great."   -H.R.

"Nocturnal back pain has taken me through some 10 years of visits to several orthepaedic specialists as well as two or three chiropractic offices. Prior to seeking help from Dr. Nunez, no one has practiced the low force adjustment technique on me, nor had anyone provided any real relief for the pain I suffered while lying down for more than 3-4 hours. I have now received treatment from Dr. Nunez for almost a year with the most spectacular result of all--being able to get a good night's sleep night after night. I am most grateful for finding relief from pain that I had almost resigned myself to totally."   -M.N.

"About 6 months ago, I strained my back by lifting a heavy flower pot. Dr. Nunez checked me out and found the damaged place on my back. After 30 minutes, gentle but firm treatment, my pain was gone. I could not believe it. I felt so relieved! I also had big problems with my left ankle. I had varicose veins all my life and 3 big operations and for the last 10 years my ankle was stiff. After the first treatment from Dr. Nunez I felt less pressure in my ankle and after 3 or 4 treatments my ankle was as flexible as my right. There is more! My posture was very bad. My shoulders bent to the front and many times hurt. Dr. Nunez fixed that too! And now it is normal for me to walk straight, without shoulder pain. Since these treatments byy Dr. Nunez I am a new person. It affects my whole life and I am very grateful to Dr. Nunez."   -H.B.

"When I came the first time I could not walk for more than 15 minutes or stand for more than 3-5 minutes, without it leading to a great deal of pain and stiffness in my lower back, legs, and hips. After receiving no help from my HMO MD, I came to Dr. Nunez. I improved immediately and rapidly as soon as his treatments began. Furthermore, persistent pain in my knee and shoulder, which I had attributed to old sports injuries, also disappeared. I am now able to run, play basketball, and help coach my son's little league baseball team. I truly hope many more people become Dr. Nunez's patients. It will benefit tremendously."   -R.K.

"After flying in from Hawaii, a low back pain, that I thought was corrected, came back with a vengeance. I was forced to use a support belt to sit down in a chair or even to get out of bed. Dr. Nunez's analysis shocked me. He described the tension that must be relieved on back muscles from below the ribs down to the hips. In a matter of minutes he exerted a bit of pressure on the tensed muscles, adjusted my lower back and said that it should start to get better in two days and be pain free in about a week. That was more than two months ago. The pain was not only gone in a week, it has never reappeared! As a retired Army Lt. Col., I have free benefits at any military medical facility. The reason I tell you this is to emphasize that I have a lot of choice along with much experience to go pretty much wherever I want for health reasons. It is with a great deal of sincerity that I say the treatments received by Dr. Nunez are at the top of my list for effectiveness."   -B.P..

"I had been in a hit-and-run car accident. My long time friend recommended Dr. Nunez highly and with relectuance I went in. I didn't trust chiropractors, but was desperate for relief from the excruciating pain in my neck and back. Not only did Dr. Nunez make me feel at ease, relief from the pain came almost instantly! I'm now receiving treatments about every 2 months for checkups and for adjustments to old injury flairups--Irish dance, old childhood falls and tumbles, tendonitis, etc. Dr. Nunez is amazing! Don't wait to see him. And ladies, he does help with those monthly cramps and aches! He's better than Midol! Thank you Dr. Nunez!"   -K.J.A.

"After only 5 visits with Dr. Nunez I am physically a new woman! The back pain is gone! Indigestion, which I've suffered for years, is also gone! Thank God! My posture is terrific and the amount of strength and energy I have now is amazing. The pain in my foot is also gone. I am very thankful to have met Dr. Nunez and to have had him treat me. I happily recommend him and pray for his continous success."   -K.L.

"I am at a loss for appropriate words to express my gratitude to Dr. Nunez for the treatments that have made my life so much better during the last several months, specially after having been told that there was nothing any medical professional could do to alleviate my back pain. Since I had my first treatment at Dr. Nunez's office, I have spread the good word to my clients and acquaintances alike. I know Dr. Nunez can help a lot of people who have not tired his method. I just hope that these people that I have talked to will stop being skeptical about chiropractic medicine in general and give it a try which was exactly what I went through."   -G.V.Y.

"I'm very grateful that I was introduced to Dr. Nunez by a friend through work, and an exercise yoga instructor. At the time I was undergoing constant discomfort and pain in my low back to the point that it was extremely painful to make any movement at all. I wasn't able to sleep, eat, sit, or walk without a lot of discomfort--I thought I'd never recover! Fortunately, I did. Within two months of Dr. Nunez treatments all my pain is gone. I'm back to all my usual activitiies and ready to start an exercise program (which I thought I'd have to leave behind forever). It has been very worthwhile."   -G.T.

"Merry Christmas...YOU have made this the best season for me in 4 years....I am at full ability ...as much as I ever was! I have only YOU to thank for giving me back my life and love for life! My gratitude goes beyond words as I would still be laying unable to move ....if not for you! Now I am dancing ...hiking ...painting and cooking for Xmas for myself and Jack and the wonderful Shangrila I have been invited to....to celebrate life, friendship and community! LOVE does not come any deeper than what I feel for YOU!"   -Susan Sarner-Artz

"When I first came to Dr. Nunez I did not know anything about chiropractics. My first impression of Dr. Nunez is that he is very professional, kind, and very caring with his patients. My first problem was on my arm that had been bothering me for years now. Dr. Nunez found out without me telling him that I had an accident when I was 12 years old. After only 5 meetings and therapy, I was very happy that my arm is like new again. My next problem was my high blood pressure and stress. Not only has my blood pressure gone back to normal but my headaches and pain in my neck and shoulder due to stress was also treated. I did not have to take any medication which I never want to do. I feel great and always back to normal life after therapy treatments. Please accept my thanks and my family are really grateful that I am well because of Dr. Nunez."   -E.L.M.

"I was unwell for 4 years with Repetitive Stress Injury due to my computer data entry work. I had symptoms of acute headaches, nausea, dizziness and sleep disorder which dettered me from conducing a 'normal' life. I eventually had to stop working and gave up a job that I enjoyed. All the medical professionals I consulted did not help. It was not until I came to Dr. Nunez for treatment that my headaches were significantly reduced within a short time. Hence after, I started to do much more than I was able to before. I believe that to have good results with patients, a doctor not only must be skillful in his field, his attitude and caringness must be the driving force behind his method for cure. Dr. Nunez clearly demonstrated this. He was the first doctor, of all the numerous medical professionals I consulted in 4 years, who addressed my symptoms. He cared to listen to what I had to say and was willing to try and find a solution with me. I owed my much improved health to Dr. Nunez's skill, kindness, and warmheartedness. Now, I keep wondering why I didn't come to him earlier?"   -C.C.

"All I can say is that I was a physical mess when I first came into Dr. Nunez's office and now I feel great. I had always been athletic, riding horses in my teens and early adulthood, then replacing that with bicycle riding and running. At the tender age of 33 I took up weight lifting as a hobby and eventually competed in this sport as a power lifter. While putting in a garden, I suffered a herniated disk in my lower back. In intense pain and after seeing several medical doctors who prescribed pain killers and suggested that I might need back surgery, I started seeing Dr. Nunez. I began to feel better after the first treatment although full recovery took several months. I am now back to doing the sports I enjoy. Thank you Dr. Nunez for helping me get my life back!"   -N.L.K.

"At the age of 70, for the first time in 35 years, I'm moving without pain--what can I say about Dr. Nunez? Simply put, before I met him I had given up all hope that I'd ever regain any sort of mobility, and I was certainly resigned to a continuation of relentless pain, especially in one hip. After less than 6 weeks, I lost the severe hip ache that had been there all my adult life. It was gone. From there, I've made steady progress and now, after just 11 months of visits, I only see Dr. Nunez every 5 or 6 weeks. He trusts the healing process to go on without him. A year ago I could only walk up and down stairs one step at a time, sideways. Now I go for long walks, with long strides, and can slowly increase the level and intensity of a previously unthinkable exercise regimen. I can't imagine any condition that he could not address successfully. Needless to say, I'm very grateful."   -B.H.

"I had very limited movement in my back on the right, pain in my left hip and knee, chronic diarrhea, and asthma. All this in spite of the fact that I was getting chiropractic treatments 2 or 3 times a week for years. I learned of Dr. Nunez from a healer in the desert. I started seeing him 3 times a week for 3 or 4 weeks, then maybe once or twice a week for a few weeks, then once a week or 2 weeks for a while. Now I see him about every 3 weeks or even 4 weeks. I am confident that the time between treatments will continue to increase. My body is beginning to feel as it did when I was a kid, i.e. less pain, greater joint mobility, better lung function and circulation, overall better physical health. Now I feel as if "I can lick the world" at the ripe old age of 72. I would encourage you to listen to your body (and Dr. Nunez) so that you can be the best physically that you can be."   -J.S.

"I would like to thank Dr. Nunez for the extraordinary change he has manifested in my health and well being. I suffered from neck pain caused by two car accidents for nearly ten years. I was recently told by a physician before coming to Dr. Nunez that I had rhematoid arthritis and nothing could be done other than my neck would continue to deteriorate. In the short time I have seen Dr. Nunez (less than one month and about 8 visits), I would say that I have regained 80%+ of the mobility in my neck. Not only that, but my overall health has improved considerably and I have never felt better. I am sleeping more soundly, feel less stressed, have more energy and am happier than I have been in a long time. I attribute most of this result to Dr. Nunez's care and the exercises he has shown me I can do to help myself. Thank you Dr. Nunez."   -G.K.

"Thank you so much for your help with our son! He was diagnosed with reflux within his first weeks of life and was consequently quite colicky during the early months of his life. From your first treatment our baby's condition improved. Over the course of a few treatments our baby began to sleep much better and his disposition had changed for the better. Our whole household is sleeping much better thanks to your treatments. We cannot thank you enough."   -M.K.

"Until I found Dr. Nunez, I had given up hope of ever walking in a normal fashion again. After the first three sessions I noticed a marked difference in the way I walked and my overall well being. Chronic pain in the neck and shoulder, etc gone. I have had about seven sessions thus far, and I am completely pain free, walking is a breeze. Thank you, Dr. Nunez, you have given me a new, more youthful lease on life."   -J.S.C.

"Many thanks for making me feel like a real person again! When C. Sarafin of KODJ told me of how Dr. Nunez really helped him I felt compelled to give him a try. After the first visit I felt 100% better. I could move my neck back and forth with no pain, and the pains in the upper back region had disappeared. Just a note to say 'Thank you.'"   -G.O.

"Over the past 15 years I have been to see many different chiropractors for my neck and back pain. At best, I have seen only temporary results. Since I have been seeing Dr. Nunez (and very infrequently), I have never felt better. I definitely feel that his methods are superior to those of other chiropractors and I highly recommend him."   -J.C.H.

"I have had treatments from Dr. Nunez for the last 2 years. My circulation has improved greatly; my hands and feet have warmed considerably. My wife says they are not like 'icebergs' now. My joints seem to have loosened up. I believe that I am a little taller (maybe I'm just straightening up more). I think that I just genereally feel better. I am now in the extended care program, a treatment every 3 or so months."   -R.S.

"I suffered a tailbone injury from skydiving. The instructor put the harness on me too tight and when the chute opened, Wham! My tailbone was wrenched. Eight months later, the pain seemed to be getting worse and I could barely work at my computer for more than an hour at a time. I had tried acupuncture, several pillows, icing, stretching and 3 chiropractors who all claimed to have the answer and nothing was working. Then, I found Dr. Nunez. He works without cracking, popping, or twisting and has brought me back to health and given me my life back. I had to take a flight from Los Angeles to England one month from when I started seeing him and I didn't think it would be possible to do without intense pain. He made it possible! This man is a lifesaver."   -Anonymous

"The first time I went to Dr. Nunez I thought how can he tell anything by moving my feet without taking some x-rays. Well, I decided to give him a chance since there was no medications to be taken or cracking bones, etc. In twelve visits I felt better than ever before. LIke Dr. Nunez always said to me, 'You don't have to live in pain.'"   -M.C.D.

"I would like to thank you for the chiropractic care that I have received from Dr. Nunez during these last few months. Since I have been receiving chiropractic adjustment for over two years I felt that I would be living with back pains for the rest of my life. Thanks to Dr. Nunez that has all changed. My back feels 100% better and I can now return to exercising and teaching tennis. During my visits I appreciated Dr. Nunez's sense of humor, bed side manner, prompt service when I had severa pain and did not even have an appointment. The innovative (balance board) technique which Dr. Nunez developed to stengthen my low back, knees and ankles has helped me beyond my wildest dreams. Thanks again for the outstanding chiropractic care. I will be referring all my friends, relatives, and country men to your office."   -M.P.

"For at least 10 years I have had severe lower back pain. In the mornings I had to straighten up very slowly to avoid the pain. I have attained complete relief of the lower back pain in 5 visits to Dr. Nunez. Today was my 6th visit and I required only a slight 'tune-up.' I'm very, very pleased with the treatments and fast results."   -D.M.

"My wife was being treated by Dr. Nunez. She mentioned my case to him. Dr. Nunez asked my wife to have me come to see him because he felt that he could help me. He was right, he has helped me! My case was that of arthritis in my knees plus muscular spasms in my legs. I could hardly walk. Dr. Nunez, after a thorough examination, believing he could help me, asked me to come in 3 times a week for treatment. My improvement was such, that after two weeks my treatments were spaced one week apart. Now he wants to see me once a month."   -E.S.

"Every time I performed in concert the pain in my arm and neck was so severe I thought I was going to have to give up my career. Then I visited Dr. Nuñez and his treatments stopped the pain. Thanks to him I now maintain a full concert schedule."
   - Marjorie Tayloe, Concert Harpist

"Because of bladder incontinence I was forced to get up 4 to 5 times a night to visit the bathroom. After being treated by Dr. Nuñez I now sleep through the night. I wish I had gone to see him five years ago."
   - Pat A.

"My scatia was so painful I thought I was going to need surgery. After just a few visits to Dr. Nuñez I am pain free. Now I'm a believer in regular chiropractic visits."
   - Norm O'Groskin

"My wife and I were having difficulty conceiving a child. Dr. Nuñez found some problems in her deep abdominal muscles and her lower back. Within two months after he treated her, we were pregnant. Great chiropractic care makes a difference.
  - A.E.

"HIVES BE GONE!!! I've suffered with job-stress related hives for several years. When the going gets tough, which is often, the hives come visiting. HOWEVER, all of that changed after my very first visit with Dr. Nunez. Although my initial visit was for a knee injury, little did I know the side benefits of my treatment would not only get my IBS under control immediately, but also cure my hives! I'm happy to report no hives since I first saw him."   -P.B.

"When I walked into Dr. Alan Nunez's office less than two weeks ago, I was a skeptic. Had I not been in extreme pain and if Dr. Nunez had not come highly recommended, I would not have considered visiting a chiropractor at all. I am now a believer! The relief to the pain in my neck and arm was almost immediate. The icing on the cake is that all those little pains that I thought I would have to live with forever are gone as well. The bursitis in my shoulder is much improved, my lower back is free of sudden twinges and in general, I am sleeping better, feeling more relaxed and have renewed energy."   -J.C.

"I was having a difficult time in putting on my shirt or coat because of a sharp pain in my left shoulder. I told Dr. Nunez I thought it was due to rheumatism because of my old age. Dr. Nunez did not accept my version and after two treatments on my left shoulder I am able to put on a shirt or coat without severe pain. Dr. Nunez found a muscle or ligament was out of it's groove and when it was put in place I have had no more problem."   -G.L.

"Working with and receiving treatment from Dr. Nunez has been a very positive experience for me. I have appreciated Alan's honest and truly caring approach to me as a patient. He kept me informed of my treatment plan and everything worked as he said it would. As a result of coming to Dr. Nunez the constant pain and discomfort I had suffered from for several years has subsided greatly. I thank Alan and recommend him highly."   -M.C.

"My husband, Steve, and I tried for 7 years to have a baby. We tried several things to help enhance our ability to conceive. We worked with a fertility clinic for 3 yrs during which time we tried well timed artifical insemination 25 times. I had 2 experimental outpatient surgeries to try to determine 'why' I was not conceiving, both gave us nothing. Somehow we think Dr. Nunez's patience and continual drive for finding the answer paid off with that fateful adjustment five years ago. Our son will be 5 yrs old on September 6th."   -M.L.D.

"My back has been feeling 95% better, and I've been breathing smoothly. In fact, I'm singing again, and with better breathwork my sound has improved. My headache (back of head) has gone away after two sessions of that cranial technique Dr. Nunez has developed! Made such a huge difference to my health and my potential to lead a happier life. Thanks again for relieving my chronic pain, something I thought was impossible."   -K.Y.


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