"Dear Doctor, You fixed me!
OMG No more pressure in my back
no more pain in my knee or leg
I can walk safely ...
And I had come in thinking ....
'He won't be able to fix this easily'
And I was too busy talking to watch how you did it!
How did you do it!
Next time I am not going to talk
because I wanna see how you do it!
You are amazing ....My will or NOT!
Your not so secret admirer"

"Dr. Nunez is fantastic. He has worked on my kids as well as myself and the outcome is always amazing. After 2 treatments my knee has felt better than it has in months. Have been recommending Dr. Nunez to friends and family. Thank you for all your hard work."
Doeding C., La Crescenta-Montrose


"I was diagnosed with stomach cancer in July 2011. With surgery and other complications (from chemo, radiation and a double bypass) I was essentially bedridden for the better part of a year. It was then I noticed a pain in my tailbone (coccyx) that kept getting worse and worse. After a few cortisone shots I was then turned over to pain management. Lumbar procedures, nerve blocks, and pain meds gave me little to no relief. I was at the point where the pain was so severe I would spend hours on the floor in a fetal position in an effort to ease the pain. That was when my wife found Dr. Alan online. In a couple of days I had my appointment. Dr. Alan personally takes an extensive history even asking about childhood accidents. (He thinks my problem stems from the ergonomics from my earlier career as a rock drummer.) I started feeling better after a few visits and I now only experience pain when I've been sitting or lying on my back too long. Believe me, this is a huge improvement. I highly recommend Dr. Alan. Not only is he a gifted healer, but he is a truly caring doctor and a wonderful man. Melissa, his office mgr., is so friendly and really puts you at ease. If you've been told that there's nothing that can be done for you, give Melissa a call and set up an appointment. You'll be glad you did."
Bill C., Newhall


"Dr. Alan Nunez has saved my life several times already by solving problems that others did not know what to do with! The first incident was a ringing and pain in my ears, eyes intermittently out of focus and then not, jaw going out of place (excruciatingly painful.) This had been going on for approx one year and I had seen others unsuccessfully. I could not live like this so I had to continue to seek a solution. I got to speak to the doctor on the phone and when I described the situation he said, "Come right over " I did! His unusual technique of asking your own body to tell him what needs adjustment must be experienced to be understood. He finds out what needs to be done and from what direction the adjustment should be ...from the right ...from the left ...top or bottom. This process took 20 minutes to determine ...Then he made his adjustment with the sound of a samurai warrior. After just that one treatment ...I have NEVER experienced any of those conditions again! I am a believer in his healing touch. Ps His treatment is all with his hands ...no machines are used!"
Susan S., Los Angeles


"I have been a customer for several years, and a happy one at that. Dr. Nunez has helped me on several car accident injuries as well as lower back issues, greatly alleviating pain and preventing the issues from becoming permanent. He is considerate, listens to my requests (I sometimes need to moderate the treatment in moments when it might become a little painful and he doesn't mind) and his approach is very holistic, taking psychology into account as well. Also, he has taught me several self-healing techniques for my more persistent problems - he actually wants you to get healthy and not become dependent on his treatment. The best part: he doesn't crack or pop anything, but his approach is to relieve the muscle tension to make the bones settle into their correct places, and therefore the benefit is more permanent and lasting than mere cracking and popping would produce. I always leave the place feeling like my body is lighter and correctly aligned. I highly recommend him; in fact I could not see myself going to another chiropractor."
Johanna R., Los Angeles


"Dr. Nunez fixed my back and I avoided surgery!

Last year I hurt my lower back and herniated two disks. I went to Kurlan Jobe orthopedics and they told me I needed a spinal fusion. I didn’t want surgery so I had two spinal injections and 7 months of physical therapy without improvement. A friend had been recommending Dr. Nunez the entire year so I finally called and a made an appointment. Dr. Nunez is unlike any chiropractor I have been to. He had me back to normal in about 15 visits. He is incredible! Now I go back for maintenance every once in a while and to visit my new friends Dr. Nunez and Melissa!"
Erik C., Hermosa Beach


"I have been suffering from a coccyx pain for a year after giving birth to my daughters within 2 years and a fall that I had in my teenage years I had seen 3 chiropractors and none of them help me with the pain and I was told I need to do an internal adjustment which was scary just talking about it i was fortunate that I found Dr. Nunez and in few visits and with no Internal adjusting he was able to reduce my pain by 80-90% and I'm gonna continue seeing him until it's all gone he's amazing and Melissa (his assistant) is just a great human being and sooo nice so I hope this help whoever is wondering about finding a Dr. for coccyx pain."
Jacklin S., Glendale


"It has taken me forever to get on yelp to let you know Alan IS THE BEST!!

I have gone to various chiropractors throughout my life, but NEVER has any of them helped me get SO WELL - SO FAST!!!

About a year ago I fell and hurt my Coccyx badly! I was in constant pain - I couldn't lie down, sit down, walk, etc. - I was uncomfortable in any possible position. Fortunately, I looked online for a chiropractor and found a 3D CHIRO.. PAINFREE - THAT TOTALLY SOLD to me so I made an appointment and went in ASAP...

AMAZINGLY, it took that SINGLE TREATMENT for me to be able to be comfortable once again with minimal pain. After my second visit I was completely pain free! ALAN's treatments not only helped my coccyx, but my posture and migraines AND SINCE THEN HAVE NEVER FELT SUCH PAIN IN MY COCCYX AGAIN!!

Additionally, Alan is very understanding and pleasant and his prices are so affordable that even a student like myself was able to afford treatment. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM WITHOUT ANY RESERVATION!
Pearl A., Los Angeles


"When I first came to Dr. Nunez, I was experiencing pain in my knees, thumbs, elbows and lower back and was too often on the verge of tears and feeling worn down. When my friend recommended Dr. Nunez as 'a miracle worker', I knew he was the guy I needed to see. I'm happy to say that after only one visit, I was hugely relieved of the most extreme pain.

Not only does Dr. Nunez have thumbs of steel that know exactly where to go to find those crazy knots I didn't even know were there, Dr. Nunez is keenly intuitive and his holistic approach to healing and well-being is not only effective, but is truly refreshing and inspiring!"
Lillian W., Los Angeles


"I was certainly a skeptic of chiropractors, but that has changed! I had so much pain in my shoulders and neck that I couldn't sleep at all. I was miserable. Finally my husband convinced me to see Dr. Nunez. Within a week or so, my pain was reduced by about 90%. I could sleep again!! But Dr. Nunez didn't stop there. He found out that I hadn't slept straight through the night for at least 15 Years-I always have to go to the bathroom at least once a night. I thought not sleeping through the night was part of getting old. Dr. Nunez adjusted parts of my body that I didn't know needed adjusting, gave me a couple of tips and now I sleep soundly through the night! I wake up feeling refreshed and energized! My visits have been worth every penny!"
Helen P., Los Angeles


"I have been seeing Dr Nunez for a number of years now and can honestly say that he has got excellent results with every problem I have taken to him. Originally with a notoriously difficult to treat coccyx injury his holistic techniques have completely eliminated any pain i had. Over the years he has also helped me with, vertigo, headaches, stomach pains and many many other stress related conditions. I always leave his office feeling a new lease of life. I cannot recommend Dr. Nunez highly enough."
Gary C., Los Angeles


"We were at the end of our rope with our two month old colicky baby boy when we decided to take him to see Dr. Nunez. The results were remarkable in that our son began to sleep through the night (sleep deprived parents also!) and the constant crying subsided. We can't thank Dr. N enough for his unique chiropractic approach in dealing with our son.

Thank you!"
Brent K., La Cañada Flintridge