"I had a case of painful coccydinia that had lasted over 6 weeks since a rough 4x4 off-road trip. Sitting at the computer to do my job was really tough.

I went to see Dr. Nunez and started getting intense treatments. He especially worked on loosening up stiff muscles in my legs and buttocks. Although there was no immediate relief, I could tell that his work would help more than just my immediate injury, as many of my muscles were just much too tight. And after about 3 weeks of treatment, my condition simply disappeared. It's been 3 weeks since then, and I have been out of town on business, but have felt just a few twinges of "pain in the butt".

I strongly recommend Dr. Nunez and plan to continue to see him in the future."
Leonard F., Los Angeles


"My mother has been an on-going patient of Dr. Alan Nunez for six or more years. When I visited during her appointment about seven months ago, Dr. Nunez suggested that my acne may be the cause of lactic acid build up due to an old jaw injury of some sort. Sure enough, in one session Dr. Nunez did what five+ dermatologists could not: cured my acne! Within a week my face was clear and has remained the same since.

With that said, whenever I hurt my neck doing sports or stressing, a trip to Dr. Nunez every so often makes me feel 100% better and healthier. I'm consistently amazed at how well his technique helps my mom, me, and others, that I am considering becoming a Chiropractor!

He has a very welcoming presence and discovers the underlying cause of your issues (as he states on his website), rather than treating your pain incorrectly.

Don't hesitate to pay him a visit, you won't regret it!"
Jackie B., La Mirada


"This review is past due and I should have done this much sooner. I hope I am able to help others.

Dr. Nunez was the only doctor to get me out of an extreme hunched position and able resume a much more normal life again. After epidural spinal injection, a couple hospital stays and ortho surgeons, and spine doctors, many ER visits he was my last ditch effort and hope. They ALL told me to have SURGERY!!!!!!

When I went in to Dr. Nunez office I had little faith of a outcome to get me out of my horrible sciatica and large lumbar disk bulge with a pain scale of 10 at almost all times!!! After literally a handful of visits I was upright and able to chase my little children around and sleep at night finally after 1yr. of complete pain and sleep deprivation!!!

After all my recent doctors trips I became very cynical when it comes to the medical field and if you need help and are open minded this is your guy!!!

I had visits with other chiropractors with no avail! I hope this helps someone out there.

FYI I wanted to add I am bicycle shopping now. I couldn't of fathomed this 3 months ago."
Candace R., Glendale


"I have been seeing Dr. Nunez off and on for the last two years. I went in for hip pain, and he diagnosed and solved the problem within 10 visits, which was his estimate. He taught me things that I could do to maintain my new painless state. Part of this was getting me out of orthotics prescribed by another doctor and improving the length of my stride. We also found some other issues I was not fully aware of, but Dr. Nunez diagnosed and fixed them in concert with my hip issue, so it did not cost me any more. Dr. Nunez is an excellent listener and he is extremely generous and caring. He is not one of those chiropractors that keep you there for life. His version of maintenance involves you following his exercises or advice on your own, and checking in after a few months depending on your condition. He is kind, efficient, ethical and extremely intuitive. I can think of nothing but glowing things about him. Melissa, who works the front office is amazing at her job and extremely helpful in scheduling, re-scheduling and being just fantastic at her job I would be remiss to not include her in this review. I have been meaning to write this for some time now, and cannot think of a more helpful way to start the new year."
Monique R., Los Angeles


"I was referred to Dr. Nunez in 2005 by a friend. I had a severe hamstring injury and did not know how to handle it. I could not drive across town without severe pain. I met with Dr. Nunez and he explained his technique and treatment. We agreed to meet for a series of about 8 visits over some months and he completely handled my injury. I have never had another issue with this leg and frankly it feels like a new leg.

About a year ago I had a problem with my opposite leg and again went to see Dr. Nunez. I used to run long distances and was very active in many sports and because of this I had much unresolved tightness in the tendons, ligaments and muscles in my legs. This tightness was continually resulting in injuries in my legs and even an ankle injury. We met numerous times and he hatted me on technique and exercises I could do on my own in order to expedite a good result. This injury was worse than the hamstring injury and has taken longer to heal but at this time is 95% handled. I feel that I can begin to be as active as I used to be and know how to prevent any future injuries.

I owe my eternal gratitude to Dr. Nunez for his precise technique and unwavering commitment to getting a positive result with me and to Melissa for always getting me into see him.

I highly recommend Dr. Nunez to anyone needing chiropractic assistance and other sports injuries in their muscles, tendons and ligaments. He cares and is interested and dedicated to handling these issues and in teaching people how to help themselves and prevent future injuries."
Pamela T., Glendale


"I have been seeing Alan for over 20 years and recommend him highly.

Others have explained his technique and the specifics so I will not try and explain that. However, when I say I have seen him for 20 years, this is not a weekly or monthly thing... Alan works efficiently and when a problem is solved, it is solved; rarely is there a need for costly maintenance. I see him when I need a chiropractor, or when i can afford it I'll go in annually just to check things out. He is warm, thoughtful and when I see him I always feel much better for the experience.

Alan is amazing at his craft."
Erica H., Studio City


"Dr. Nunez is absolutely one of a kind.


His unique, specialized technique is different from every other chiropractor I've ever visited. He has developed an entirely different form of treatment called Pressure Plus Motion. This helps to get your body back to normal function and mobility so quickly that it's unbelievable. I've converted my wife, both my parents, and some friends & relatives who didn't even believe in the health benefits of chiropractors.

He has a list of ailments that he treats, including migraines, digestive problems, pregnancy pains, and any/every type of muscular ache and pain you can think of. If you have limited movement or wake up with pain every morning, give this man a call. HE IS A MIRACLE WORKER.

One morning I threw out my back after a year and a half of working out with a personal trainer. He fixed up my back in one or two visits, and started working on all the other minor aches and pains in the subsequent visits. All my old sports injuries that went untreated, Dr. Nunez has fixed them right up.

The amazing thing is that he is so friendly and genuine, that he tries to space out your visits so you don't become dependent on him. As soon as your major problems are taken care of, he gives you tips and pointers on how to avoid coming back to him. How refreshing!"
Oliver B., Glendale