"I came to Dr. Nunez's office in a last chance attempt to relieve pain that I thought was in my back. Boy was I wrong! After one session with Dr. Nunez I felt so much better I stopped taking pain medications! It turned out to be a injury that I sustained a year prior that had not healed and affected other parts of my body.

What I came to realize was that the years of wear and tear on my body were taking its toll. As an athlete all my life and now as a firefighter who places incredible demands on my body I realized that it is the little things that matter. Dr. Nunez worked patiently with me over the course of a year to get me healthy again. What a difference he has made to my quality of life. I am back to doing things I could not do before because it hurt too bad. I never thought I could feel this good.

If you are in pain or suffering from medical problems that your doctor can not seem to treat then schedule an appointment with Dr. Nunez. It was only three sessions for me to realize that his hands are magically powerful. He is the best and last chiropractor you will ever use."


"A friend of mine recommended Dr. Nunez and his "no-cracking" chiropractic technique. I was skeptical, but my lower back had been bothering for quite some time -- I had injured it playing football in high school, and now, 15 years later, the pain was returning with a vengeance.

Well I'm glad I took my friend's advice. Dr. Nunez definitely helped relieve my back pain. His method can be painful, but once you move through the temporary pain of the treatment, the long-term pain seems to vanish. He also worked on areas of stress and muscle tightness I didn't even know I had.

Highly recommended."


"A while back I pinched a nerve in my neck lifting weights. The pain was so severe that I couldn't turn my neck more than a few degrees to the right.

I resisted the suggestion of a friend to see Dr. Al for three days do to my dislike of chiropractors. I normally rank this experience right up there with sitting through a time share presentation or buying a used car.

Dr. Al was completely different. His approach is refreshing and I found him to be honest, fast, and most important, his method works! In one session I had 80% of my neck motion restored and within 3 days I had 100% of my range of motion back. And all this with one visit, and no popping, twisting, or cracking.

Dr. Al is amazing and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone with temporary or chronic pain."


"I broke my leg playing ice hockey then, during the recovery period of about 8 months after my surgery I developed a severe hip pain that was so deep I had a very hard time walking at all. I had never been to a chiropractor and had only heard semi good results about the work that had been done on friends by other chiropractors.

Dr. Al came highly recommended so I gave him a try and I am so glad I did. By the time I was done with the first HALF HOUR visit I could tell a difference already. My hip felt more loose and relaxed. By the fourth visit my hip was completely "fixed". Then, with Dr. Al showing me some injury specific techniques on not re-injuring my hip I was on my way. I was over joyed with Dr. Al's level of service and attentiveness to my sports injury needs and I'm back playing hockey. He even found a toe that I had broken when I was a little kid ,and forgot about, then loosened that up for me...amazing!!

As others have said his technique in chiropractic methods are phenomenal and really just cannot be missed if you are looking for that alternate technique that shames conventional methods."


"I was so pleased to find Dr. Allen Nunez! I had taken a chance and found him on Yelp. Well, here I am! And please let me give a shout out to Melissa (Receptionist Extraordinaire). Her kindness and professionalism just completes the overall package of services!

He is not your typical chiropractor. He is truly a master of his art and science. I had never heard of the 3-D method, having been a massage therapist myself. I am hooked. No popping no cracking. (Just like it says!) I felt immediate relief and a surge of energy after every visit. I am still undergoing treatment for my tailbone pain. He will try to help you and genuinely cares.

He is professional and with exemplary bedside manners. Thank you Dr. Nunez. I am so thankful for you!"


"I have tried it all! In 1978 I broke my back while serving in the US Navy. Since then I tried everything. I got every recommendation you could imagine. Then several years ago I met Dr. Nunez and found my savior from the constant pain of a 30 year old back injury. No popping, no assembly line treatment just relief.

If you are in a bad way or looking for your last chiropractor you've come to the right man. Make an appointment with Dr. Nunez today and give him a few visits then you'll feel the results I am here raving about.

Thank you Dr. Al for fixing me! "


"Dr. Nunez is one of the only chiropractors that can tell you that your condition can be fixed. I had severe discomfort in my neck/back. When other doctors told me I would have to visit every week for the rest of my life, he fixed in 8 sessions. During one of the appointments he loosened up my jaw which then reduced any acne that was originating there. He has all of these tips and tricks to reducing stress as well as assisting in appearance. His holistic approach is something I deeply respect and trust. I know I'm in good hands with him."


"I've been a patient of Dr. Nunez's for over 20 years. Given that I am only 25 this is pretty impressive! My journey started when my mother was having problems getting pregnant with me. She visited Dr. Nunez for an adjustment and within a few weeks was able to conceive! She loves to say that her "chiropractor got me pregnant!" As her pregnancy with me progressed she kept visiting Dr. Nunez for continual treatments including gently adjusting my position in her womb. Years after I was born and when I was still a young thing, I remember visiting Dr. Nunez in his former Hollywood office. How much fun that was! And subsequently over the years I still return quite regularly.

My own personal health journey has been fantastic, aided in no small part by Dr. Nunez. In the late 1990's, early 2000's I was injured while competing in an archery tournament. Unable to move my right arm other than to cross it in front of my chest I made an emergency appointment immediately (after a midnight ER visit in which I was given Vicodin for the pain and told there was nothing wrong). Dr. Nunez was astounded over the shape I was in and during the course of my hour-long treatment found 7 ribs and vertebra out of place! No wonder I couldn't lay down on my own! Recovering fully and completely from this injury took me over a year and included weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) visits to see him. I can honestly say, 100%, that Dr. Nunez saved me from a lifetime of pain and suffering from my injury.

Not only is Dr. Nunez beyond capable in putting back together injured or so called "lost cause" patients but he is also able to help "little, mundane" things that have cropped up in my life over the years. I've been chronically constipated for over 20 years and during one session I expressed my intense frustration over this situation. After describing where I was feeling pain, Dr. Nunez was able to remove a blockage in my system that has restored normal function to a greater degree! On another occasion I complained about my sweaty palms and how embarrassing it was to have to wipe my hands before shaking another's. Using Pressure-Plus Motion (Dr. Nunez's own concept) he was able to relieve my symptoms and leave me able to shake another person's hands without fear of embarrassment.

There is only one person I trust my bones and muscles to and that is Dr. Nunez. There is no reason to live with pain or suffering when there is a treatment option readily available. Take it from someone who is abjectly averse to sensational treatments and new-fangled healing. I'm a loyal patient and I encourage you to trust yourself to Dr. Nunez's healing hands."


"Dr. Nunez helped me immeasurably after I'd given up hope that help was possible. He has a gift as well as skills that are possibly unmatched anywhere. For anyone with what they thought was an uncurable condition or intractable pain, do yourselves a huge favor and check him out. One downside: he doesn't want to see you several times a week forever. Once he'd seen me over the worst of my troubles, I had to coax him for appointments."


"Love Dr. Nunez! No cracking, its amazing how great you feel after you leave his office! Thanks, Dr. Nunez!"


"Fearful of all the cracking, popping and twisting, I avoided chiropractors like the plague until I met Dr. Nunez, who uses a gentler and more holistic approach. After just five sessions with Dr. Nunez, I regained full mobility of my right hip (which has given me trouble since my late 20s) and was cured of a hard spasm in my right calf muscle (that two doctors had diagnosed as an incurable tendon tear). Thanks to Dr. Nunez, who I like to call "the miracle man", I feel fifteen years younger and am able to once again enjoy long evening walks with my husband completely free from pain."


"I was having an acute tailbone and sacrum pain after an accident for the last couple of months. I had tried few physical therapists and chiropractors. Nothing worked. After 6 sessions, I started to see the improvement and my pain has come down a lot. His 3-D Chiropractic method definitely works. Thanks to Dr. Nunez."


"I came in like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, and now my shoulder problems are gone. Dr. Nunez is not your stereotypical bone crusher, but a sensitive and effective practitioner of his art. Great to work with, he has convinced this one-time skeptic."


"Dr. N has been treating me for several years. It all started with a lower back pain that took Nunez 3 treatments to cure. Last year I had a rotator-cuff shoulder injury from working out. I tried a "traditional" chiropractor and after several weeks of useless treatments and spending several hundred dollars, I got smart and went to Nunez. He applied pressure (sometime very painful pressure) to several areas including back, pectoral muscle and finally in MY ARMPIT!!! After cursing for several seconds I jokingly asked if I was now cured... and surprisingly I was. This man has some mad skills!!!! Now I am seeing him for a very sore knee. Hopefully, I will be well after 2 treatments!"


"I have experienced pain in my back since 1997, shoulder and neck since 2004 and hip since 2007. My back was injured top to bottom in a series of 5 car accidents and 2 work injuries. I tore my rotator cuff and the anterior and posterior ligaments in my shoulder and I have three bulging discs in my neck, one of which has a tear. Needless to say life was pretty uncomfortable. I have been to years of physical therapy and chiropractors which helped until I walked out the door of their offices and then I was back in pain again. My hip was the problem that brought me to see Dr. Nunez. I explained my problems and he said 10 visits should be enough to fix all that was ailing me. I had never heard such a bold statement. I always heard, "See me 3 times a week for ever and we'll see what we can do to ease the pain." After leaving Dr. Nunez's office that day I felt sort of like a head rush, but all over my body. It was mixed with elation. I have full range of motion in my neck and shoulder, my back does not hurt and my hip feels so much better. This was all done in a matter of weeks. I praise him every chance I get and have recommended him to co-workers, which I have never been able to do before. I almost forgot to mention the migraine headaches I suffered from since 1996. The reason I forgot to mention them earlier is because I haven't had one since the 3rd visit to see Dr. Nunez. I have not had a migraine in two and a half years! He is a great doctor and has a great personality."


"I'm so thankful for what Dr. Nunez has done for me. His method/technique has tremendously helped me overcome over 13 years of persistent painful cystic acne breakouts on my face. At times, my acne was so bad that simply speaking was unbearably painful! My jaw-line and cheekbones used to be covered with overlapping cystic acne, which would throb relentlessly. Upon seeking Dr. Nunez's help, I learned that an old injury to my jaw, at age 14, had caused tension in the jaw-line resulting in the lack of blood flow in the area, hence causing the cystic breakouts which started about a year after the incident had occurred.

Throughout those years I took numerous medications and antibiotics prescribed by different doctors, tried every product advertised, tried out facials of different sorts, and just about every home remedy I heard of. Some things helped a little for a short period of time, some aggravated the acne more, while the others had no affect at all. I honestly tried everything short of Accutane which was an option I wasn't willing to resort to, due to all the controversial side effects involved.

Since Dr. Nunez's treatments, my acne has cleared, only leaving behind the scarred memory of the cystic monsters that had taken over my face, and my life. He has also helped eliminate the frequent tension headaches I endured during those years, along with the clicking and locking of my jaw, of which I was told only surgery, could cure. I've learned that every other treatment out there helps with the symptoms (the acne) stemming from the root of the problem. You can not treat this disease without treating the source, or the reason why you're breaking out in the first place.

Thank you Dr. Nunez! God Bless you and your gift."
Delightfully, Acne Free