"I first met Dr. Nunez over 12 years ago. I initially came to him for my scoliosis and back pain. He does not do any type of "cracking" in his treatments. My back has improved so significantly that I rarely have that complaint at all. I generally see him every couple of months for what I like to call a "tune up." Keeps my body in alignment, has helped me with other issues such as bronchitis, stomach problems, etc. He is really an amazing man and I have referred many people to him who have been so grateful. I can't say enough wonderful things about him. Also, he does not ask you to come 3 times a week for months on end. His goal is to get you to come to him less, not more."
J.A., from Sherman Oaks


"I can honestly say that Dr. Nunez changed my life. I am 23 years old and just weeks ago I was suffering from chronic heartburn, migraines, and shoulder pain that was causing my arms to go numb. My doctor prescribed medicine for the heartburn and painkillers for the muscle pain, but nothing made me feel better. My mom thought maybe a chiropractor would help and my uncle recommended Dr. Nunez. After just two weeks of seeing Dr. Nunez, all of my pain went away. It felt like a miracle.

I thought that my quality of life couldn't get any better, but I was wrong. After curing the symptoms that brought me into his office, Dr. Nunez wanted to check the rest of my body for other problems. When he got to my calves I broke into tears before he even touched me. I have suffered from severe Charley horses in my calves ever since I became a teenager and these muscle spasms happen frequently on their own and any time anyone squeezes or rubs my calves. Dr. Nunez asked me questions about my past and found out that when I was thirteen I fell down several flights of cement stairs, injuring both my legs. Knowing this, Dr. Nunez discovered that the fall had caused my muscles and bones to be out of place and very tight, and within just a few weeks he was able to fix everything. I had no idea that the fall was the cause for my discomfort; I just thought I was destined to live with all this pain. I used to get frequent Charley horses and suffered from headaches at least once a day. Since seeing Dr. Nunez I haven't had a single headache (except one on New Year's Day which was caused by the night before) and I haven't had a single Charley horse. In addition, after the first two weeks of seeing Dr. Nunez I was able to stop taking my heartburn medication. I wake up every day feeling like a different, happier person.

Dr. Nunez improved my quality of life more than I ever could have imagined. I recommend him to everyone."


I had a terrible accident when I was 15 years old and lived with incredible pain for decades. Over the years I went to many specialists, surgeons, chiropractors and physical therapists resulting in only temporary relief. It wasn't until a massage therapist that I had to go to each week, so that I could work, took pity on me and told me where she and other therapists went when they had back problems.

What struck me right away was how ethical Dr. Nunez is. He said to give him at least 8 sessions and if I was still in pain that he probably couldn't help me, but he thought I would see some relief after 5 or 6 sessions. After the third session I noticed improvement and after 8 sessions, I was able to move like I had not been able to do for many, many years and the pain was gone! Dr. Nunez was responsible for changing my life so that finally, I was able to participate and do things that I never believed I would be able to do. He is a wonderful doctor who really wants to help others plus he has a great sense of humor and believes in giving back to others. My family and I will be forever grateful to Dr Nunez."
Diane M.


"I gave up on chiropractic about 15 years ago, when the last one I'd been going to gave up on me. I'd been told I had a herniated disc in my lower back. Since then my back had gotten worse and worse, to the point I couldn't rake my yard, dig in my garden, and sometimes couldn't even walk across the room without sharp, debilitating pain. About two months ago, I was having lunch with my long time friend...he made it clear that there was no way I'd not at least go see Dr. Nunez. I went. Unlike any chiropractic treatment I've ever had, not one bone cracked or popped. But I felt better. After the first two or three treatments, I noticed I could rake, dig up entire garden beds, lift things, take long walks, sit for long periods, etc. with never another sharp pain. I never expected to be 'normal' again, as to such activity. You're amazing, Dr. Nunez. And I can't thank Dr. Nunez enough for his work, his integrity, and most of all, for his very real caring." L.V.O'H.


"The stress had been building up for a long time before this but I did not pay any attention to the warning signs, and finally something had to give out and that was my neck. All I did was lift the groceries in the back of my car and I was knee deep in pain. I could not move my neck at all. When I first saw Dr. Nunez he was not even sure I would move my neck again. But with his help of chiropractic training and holistic healing I am able to resume all of my normal activities within reason and good balance. With his training of stress management and good nutrition I now have a very balanced diet and good management of my daily stress habits. I will continue to see Dr. Nunez to keep my body well adjusted and always keep my life in good balance."


"When I first went to Dr. Nunez I could barely move my neck. I had chronic pain which I thought was uncurable and my lot in life to bear. By my third appointment the pain was gone and with regular monthly or bimonthly visits has not returned. The range of motion in my neck has increased at least 60% and my general health has also improved considerably. Thank you, Dr. Nunez, again for your caring, gentle and thorough treatments which have helped me sooo much! My wife and I will continue to recommend Dr. Nunez to all our friends in the most glowing terms!"


"After suffering with a stiff neck and an aching shoulder for a very long time, I decided to make a trip to Dr. Nunez the next time my brother and sister-in-law went for their treatments. In one treatment I am now able to pick up the teakettle without having to hold my right arm with my left one to enable me to pour water into my coffee cup. One or two treatments on my neck eliminated the stiffness so was able to turn my head around without having shooting pains bothering me, especially while driving in traffic. Dr. Nunez also discovered my jaw was out of alignment and one treatment fixed that. Several years ago I had had a fall and twisted my right knee. It pained me and one adjustment fixed that problem. I really feel like a new person--thanks to Dr. Nunez and his method of treatments for aches and pains."


"I arrived in California from New York last night with a pain in my back. This caused me to be a pain in the a--. Dr. Nunez's knowledge in harmony with his magic fingers took away almost all of the pain in the back--overnight. Going through days without pain and suffering, just minor discomfort through the night, after just one treatment was great."

"Nocturnal back pain has taken me through some 10 years of visits to several orthepaedic specialists as well as two or three chiropractic offices. Prior to seeking help from Dr. Nunez, no one has practiced the low force adjustment technique on me, nor had anyone provided any real relief for the pain I suffered while lying down for more than 3-4 hours. I have now received treatment from Dr. Nunez for almost a year with the most spectacular result of all--being able to get a good night's sleep night after night. I am most grateful for finding relief from pain that I had almost resigned myself to totally."


"About 6 months ago, I strained my back by lifting a heavy flower pot. Dr. Nunez checked me out and found the damaged place on my back. After 30 minutes, gentle but firm treatment, my pain was gone. I could not believe it. I felt so relieved! I also had big problems with my left ankle. I had varicose veins all my life and 3 big operations and for the last 10 years my ankle was stiff. After the first treatment from Dr. Nunez I felt less pressure in my ankle and after 3 or 4 treatments my ankle was as flexible as my right. There is more! My posture was very bad. My shoulders bent to the front and many times hurt. Dr. Nunez fixed that too! And now it is normal for me to walk straight, without shoulder pain. Since these treatments byy Dr. Nunez I am a new person. It affects my whole life and I am very grateful to Dr. Nunez."


"When I came the first time I could not walk for more than 15 minutes or stand for more than 3-5 minutes, without it leading to a great deal of pain and stiffness in my lower back, legs, and hips. After receiving no help from my HMO MD, I came to Dr. Nunez. I improved immediately and rapidly as soon as his treatments began. Furthermore, persistent pain in my knee and shoulder, which I had attributed to old sports injuries, also disappeared. I am now able to run, play basketball, and help coach my son's little league baseball team. I truly hope many more people become Dr. Nunez's patients. It will benefit tremendously."


"After flying in from Hawaii, a low back pain, that I thought was corrected, came back with a vengeance. I was forced to use a support belt to sit down in a chair or even to get out of bed. Dr. Nunez's analysis shocked me. He described the tension that must be relieved on back muscles from below the ribs down to the hips. In a matter of minutes he exerted a bit of pressure on the tensed muscles, adjusted my lower back and said that it should start to get better in two days and be pain free in about a week. That was more than two months ago. The pain was not only gone in a week, it has never reappeared! As a retired Army Lt. Col., I have free benefits at any military medical facility. The reason I tell you this is to emphasize that I have a lot of choice along with much experience to go pretty much wherever I want for health reasons. It is with a great deal of sincerity that I say the treatments received by Dr. Nunez are at the top of my list for effectiveness."


"I had been in a hit-and-run car accident. My long time friend recommended Dr. Nunez highly and with relectuance I went in. I didn't trust chiropractors, but was desperate for relief from the excruciating pain in my neck and back. Not only did Dr. Nunez make me feel at ease, relief from the pain came almost instantly! I'm now receiving treatments about every 2 months for checkups and for adjustments to old injury flairups--Irish dance, old childhood falls and tumbles, tendonitis, etc. Dr. Nunez is amazing! Don't wait to see him. And ladies, he does help with those monthly cramps and aches! He's better than Midol! Thank you Dr. Nunez!"


"After only 5 visits with Dr. Nunez I am physically a new woman! The back pain is gone! Indigestion, which I've suffered for years, is also gone! Thank God! My posture is terrific and the amount of strength and energy I have now is amazing. The pain in my foot is also gone. I am very thankful to have met Dr. Nunez and to have had him treat me. I happily recommend him and pray for his continous success."