Chiropractic Monthly – December 2010

What a great year we’ve had and a pleasure to serve you as your health maximization coach. Over the last few months we have talked in our newsletters about the 3-D Chiropractic technique.

We discussed how it can help people with Hiatal Hernia Syndrome and many other digestive complaints. We talked about how 3-D Chiro has helped people who have infertility issues and the 43 amazing successes we had with them. We talked about those individuals who suffer from chronic tail bone pain and how these patients can be helped.

We are so excited for the New Year. There are many wonderful articles planned that will continue the discussion on topics of concern. Next year’s newsletters will have a quarterly flow to them. This means the articles will build on one another from month to month. We can’t wait to share this helpful information about how 3-D Chiro can help you or someone you know.

Many of you are new to chiropractic having been referred to us from our Yelp page. The reviews of our patients on sites like Yelp and Google has been a huge boost to our patient referrals. Thank you for the kind words you all have written on our behalf. The “review site” patients we get are wonderful patients. They all tell us that they come to 3-D Chiro because of your reviews. These sites and reviews are a bridge because you simply tell the online community what you would have said in person:

That the care you get with 3-D Chiro is unique, effective and results are fast. There is no twisting, popping or cracking and you know that I am always working to try to “Keep the Chiropractor Off Your Back!”

We would like to take a special moment to thank my Chiropractic Assistant, Melissa, who has been with us for a year. Her warm welcoming personality and her efficient management of the front office has been a great addition to our staff. Melissa takes great pride in how she cares for your appointments, statements, and she keeps things moving smoothly in our busy office. Now you have two reasons to come back and visit our office; one, for the treatments and then for Melissa’s smile.

We know that this has been a tough couple of years for everybody and we’ve tried to help by providing the best quality care possible each and every time you come to our office. Your time is your time and it is valuable, that’s why we never double book appointments.

We have added value to your visits by periodically giving you complimentary five minute mini treatments to help keep you progressing between regular visits. The only way we are all going to make it through these tough times is if we help each other.

I wanted to finish this newsletter by talking about the “W” word: Weight. We will cover this important topic in more detail in future issues of the “Dr’s. Notebook”.

We wish you a bountiful holiday season and all the best in the New Year.

Stay strong, stay healthy,

Dr. Al

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We can’t believe you have friends who may not know about the doctor and your results. Why not help someone you know get the same results? Tell a friend and earn a discount on your next visit for both of you. It’s simple go to Yelp to get your secret discount word. Oh and leave a review while you’re there, we love hearing from you on Yelp.

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Associates Corner – Dr. Subia

What a wonderful year I’ve had here at 3D Chiro. I have learned a great deal from Dr. Nuñez on the specific techniques he employs.

I am so excited about the coming year and watching my practice grow right along with 3-D Chiro and Dr. Nuñez. I am so grateful to him for taking my training to a whole new level.

Just like any new business, I’m trying to build my practice and patient base here at 3D Chiro. I would appreciate your referrals. Won’t you consider sending a friend to see me? Just tell them to ask for Dr. Subia, Thanks.

I am always available for emergency appointments.

Live life to the fullest with healthy posture,

Please enjoy this wonderful holiday season,

Dr. Subia

The truth behind BMI

I’d like to share a few professional observations with you about a misleading and often overused term. It’s called, BMI (Body Mass Index). First, this is not an index of your health, rather a number based solely on a calculation of your height and weight. The BMI does not consider important factors such as, age, gender, or body type.

Oprah magazine recently had a nice article “Weight Loss: How Women Do the Math” on this very subject. It described how a person could have a “normal” BMI yet have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and not even be able to go up one flight of stairs without getting winded. The article wrote of a person who is a fitness instructor, has low blood pressure and a BMI of 27. This is considered a “high” BMI.

A fitness instructor is obviously in better condition than her BMI shown, but many physicians would label her unhealthy based solely on the raw BMI number. Remember there are three basic body types: Ectomorphic a thin build, Mesomorphic a medium build, and Endomorphic representing a more rounded /full figured body type. Your body type is primarily a result of your particular genetics.

Once we here at 3-D Chiro get you out of pain, our next job is to help you achieve and maintain your maximum health regardless of your body type. We have the equipment to monitor your weight, body fat percentage and can help recommend, advise and guide you in your exercise programs. Our goal is to be sure and keep you moving towards your goals without re-injuring yourself.

Calling all “Weekend Athletes”

If you ache after a Sunday Softball game and need relief, you need Ortho-Nesic. It was made for you!

Get yourself a tube before your next sports weekend!







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