Recently I was working on a patient for her stomach tension and I mentioned to her that this was my Secret Ingredient. In other words, this was what made our treatment special and more effective than other methods. But the more I reflected on it, I realized there was much more to it than that.

Was the Secret Ingredient the non-forceful, no twisting, popping or cracking adjusting method? So many people come to our office for this reason alone: fear of conventional adjusting techniques. Yes, that is part of the Secret Ingredient, but that is not “it”.

Was it the Pressure-Plus-Motion muscle release technique that we developed to break-up chronically tense muscles? This is the method that we also teach to patients to help them help themselves and minimize the necessity of treatments. Is that it? Well, yes, but that’s still not the whole story.

How about the 3-Dimensional Chiropractic philosophy that we’ve developed; showing that traumatic events in youth, either physical or emotional, cause chronic tension in the abdomen and other areas? Over time this leads to chronic pain and tension in the neck, back and limbs. Definitely true and crucial but still not the Secret Ingredient.

Those of you who have seen the movie Kung Fu Panda will be quite familiar with the idea of a Secret Ingredient. In the movie, the main character Po realizes that the Secret Ingredient he was missing was already inside of him and he just needed to utilize it. If that is the case, then is the Secret Ingredient simply Dr. Nunez? That is part of it, but then it became clear: the Secret Ingredient is not me but we!
If you come in with a good attitude and willingness, keep your appointments and do the home exercises while I bring all my knowledge, experience, wisdom and strength to the table, our chances for success will be much greater. To borrow a phrase:

“Together we can do what alone I could not.”

That, my friends, is Dr. Nunez’s Secret Ingredient: US!

Another way to say it:

“With Your Will and My Skill,There’s Not Much That We Can’t Heal”

Therefore, my friends, when you’re telling your family, friends and co-workers to come to me for solutions to their ailments, please remind them that they need to be ready to work hard, ready to change, and ready for a new life: a life without pain! We look forward to seeing you and your referrals in the coming year.

Yours Sincerely In Health and remember, thoroughness is my middle name!

Dr. Alan “Thoroughness ” Nunez

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