Our Promise of privacy and consent to patient records

Our office fully committed to compliance with HIPAA guidelines by:

  • Providing appropriate security for our patient records.
  • Protecting the privacy of our patient's medical information
  • Providing our patients with proper access to their medical records
  • Appropriately maintaining our patient information and billing processes in compliance with national standards

If you ever have any questions or concerns about your services or charges, we encourage you to call and ask for your Compliance officer.


  1. Use lowered voice for all verbal communication that might disclose personal health information.
  2. Never "call out" any information that might be considered as personal, e.g. tests required or taken, test results, medications, devices used, etc.
  3. Do not allow computer screens to be viewed, intentionally or unintentionally, by unauthorized persons.
  4. Exit all programs that might contain personal health information when leaving a computer workstation for a period of time.
  5. Be certain that "sign-in" sheets do not require "reason for visit" information.
  6. All chart holders must effectively obscure patient information.
  7. All email, written, and faxed PHI must be clearly marked "confidential" and contain a privacy warning.
  8. Never leave files or folders open or unattended. Filing cabinets etc. containing PHI must be secured and locked.
  9. Do not share computer passwords, change them regularly.
  10. Take every precaution to control personal health information.