"I have been going to him since 1997. He is not a bonecracker like the rest. He has fixed me every time I've gone. Recently in passing, I mentioned I had a neuroma (tingling) in the ball of my right foot. Gone! I wish he'd write the book he promised and he occasionally teaches his techniques." Sharon M., Los Angeles


"I started going to Dr Nunez after I fell down some stairs. I have made tremendous progress in range of motion, and posture. I can walk easily, and even run for short periods. Dr Nunez is the only chiropractor I've ever been to who could actually fix things long term rather than simply making superficial adjustments."
Melanie M., Glendale


"I started going to Dr. Nunez when he first opened his Hollywood office in 1985 and have continued with him ever since. What a difference he has made in my life. During those early days he was heads and shoulders above other chiropractors by using the Directional Non-Force Technique(DNFT) . Since then he has significantly improved his ability to treat patients by developing his astounding Pressure-Plus-Motion and now his 3-D technique. Together with DNFT these techniques are nothing short of astounding. My recent involvement with Dr. Nunez was prompted by a painful bilateral groin injury where walking and sleeping were more than difficult. Even after 15 sessions with a highly regarded physical therapy treatment center (associated with a major hospital in Pasadena), the pain would gradually diminish but would then return with a vengeance. After only one session with Dr. Nunez the pain was 85% gone and after the second session he completely relaxed the last muscle in the groin and I was pain free. I am more than grateful to have Alan Nunez in my corner!!!
William P., Pasadena


Amazing work Dr. Al did for me! He took care of everything from a car accident injury to and old injury from a fall down the stairs, to basic breathing! Expect to feel pain but expect to feel rejuvenated also!"
Tuleen M., Glendale


"Dr. Nunez aka The Miracle Worker!

Dr. N is not only a wonderful Chiropractor but a wonderful human being. He has helped improve my health physically and mentally.

A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy on the right side of my face. I was devastated and did not know if or when I would recover. Instead of going to my regular MD and be given drug prescriptions, I decided to go the natural way. Dr. N teaches us that the body can help with the healing process if we understand the root cause of the pain. As he examined me, he noticed that I had A LOT of tension on my right shoulder leading to the right side of my neck. I had faith that Dr. N would be able to ease the muscle tension. After only a few visits in under 1 week and a half, my Bell's Palsy IMPROVED! I was completely recovered in 2 weeks!!! That is a miracle considering there are cases where people with Bell's Palsy don't see results for 6 months to a year. In some cases, never. I've always known Dr. N to be a Miracle Worker so I expected a miracle...and I got one!

I love and thank Dr. Nunez with all of my heart!"
Janelyn M., Los Angeles


"I had suffered from chronic lower back pain for years but wasn't ready to live disabled. When I learned about the "no twisting, no cracking, no popping" treatment of Dr. Nunez, I decided to give him a try. The results were liberating. I was able to experience a pain-free body on most days! Dr. Nunez is a caring healer and truly treats his patients from a holistic perspective. He has taught me to be so much more aware of the mind-body-spirit connection. And Melissa runs the office like an angel!"
Emily G., La-Crescenta Montrose


"Where do I begin? First of all, thank you to the yelpers on here because I thought all chiropractors popped and cracked. I've had muscle manipulation before but that was it. And that was not done at a chiropractors office. So after 15 years or so in pain, I felt like it was just something I was going to have to live with because everything I've had thus far has been a temporary fix.

When I stumbled upon all these reviews I had to give Dr. Nunez a call--his approach seemed so different and there was loads of praise. Melissa, who runs the office, answered the phone--what a delight! I already liked the place. She is fun, informative, helpful, didn't rush me, answered all my questions--love her.

Onto Dr. Nunez...he is amazing. Never in my life have I been to a chiropractor like him. First of all, he has this calming way about him, very sweet, and you can tell he really cares. His method is holistic and unique, and I love that he applies the body, mind, spirit connection--treating the whole person!

I've only had one visit, and I already feel better. : )"
Christina C., Los Angeles


"I have been looking for a doctor like Dr. Nunez my whole adult life, someone who had faith in the body to heal itself and who has actually helped people do that (including me), not the slew of new age doctors in LA who believe in this and say all the right things supporting such, but yet their treatments fall short of results. Then all you get is a bunch of bills from spending money on their treatments, vitamins and/or homeopathic solutions - oh and don't forget pooping in a French fry tray and sending it off to God knows where, God knows why. Then there's the regular doctor who thinks we're supposed to fall apart the older we get as they pat you on the back and hand you your prescription.

What I really like about Dr. Nunez is that he seems to regard the body as the miracle worker that it is. The countless jobs the body does - breathing, digesting, blinking and so on. He actually helps you utilize your amazing body's capacity to heal itself. Your body was made that way. If you think somebody else is going to fix your health problems then Dr. Nunez is not for you. Dr. Nunez helps get your body in alignment, gives you exercises to continue to help yourself - it's a team effort. If you want a pill, Dr. Nunez is not for you. If you want to dig deep and get to the root of your health issues - Dr. Nunez is your man! Thanks to all of you who posted here before. It really helped in my decision to go to Dr. Nunez. And thanks Dr. Nunez for choosing this as your profession."
Mary Alice C.


"I've had several appointments with Dr. Nunez, each time better than the last. I'm battling some disc and back issues from years of running (am 50) and I always feel better when I leave. The deep muscle adjustments, without all the cracking and popping, has had me walking upright by the end of the session and pain free several times. The Dr. has always had a positive, professional manner and seems genuinely concerned with all things going in my life that might be contributing to various muscle tension. I just wish there was some way to teach my wife to use her hands in the same way."
Mark W., La Canada-Flintridge


"I am so excited to have come across this site! I just recently injured myself and have been to a few chiropractors already,.. and in the middle of sharing my story with a friend of how disappointed I was with the healing process, I found myself saying, 'You know,... there was this one amazing chiropractor who treated me after my car accident about 15+ years ago. His office was in Hollywood back then, but I don't know where he is anymore!'

My friend said- Google him!!! Duuhhhhh!!! And Wa-La I'VE FOUND HIM!!! I will be writing a new review for this new pain I'm experiencing, but I will tell you this,.... When Dr. Alan Nunez treated me way back when, the results I had where amazing!! I had been in pain for a couple of weeks with other doctors, and it wasn't until I was introduced to Dr. Nunez that my healing truly began, and with ease and grace! Not only is he a miracle worker, with interesting techniques, (the way he adjusts I had never experienced before), but he is a gentle and kind man. He truly cared and listened to what I was saying about my body... and this may sound hokie to some,... but he understands that mind and body are connected and I believe that is why his holistic healing is so amazing! I care about 'results', but I also like to feel that my doctor has good bed side manner, and "really cares" too! He's about taking however much time your body needs- and I love that about his practice.

I may live in Orange County now,... but driving over an hour is definitely worth my healing process this next time around!!!

I'll be seeing Dr. Nunez this week and I'll be back here to give you the update! I'm sure the second time around will be just as "healing" as the first!! Here is to everyones health! and thank you Dr. Nunez, so glad I found you AGAIN!!!!! ( ahhhh - I love google!)!"
Maria R., La Habra


"After suffering a back injury in 1983 I saw many chiropractors and had many back problems until I discovered Dr. Nunez. I have now been pain free for YEARS! I have even run a couple of marathons and 1/2 marathons with the good Doctor tuning me up during my training. My entire family has benefited from his care. I have referred friends and colleagues and everyone has been thrilled with his service."
Craig Cox


"Best ever. I came to Dr. Nunez on the recommendation of a friend for relief of general stress, pain, lack of mobility (I was only in my early 40s) He fixed all that, but the true miracle was my feet. My feet were so sweaty that I had a thick, pockmarked, white layer of skin on the bottom of my feet that I couldn't get rid of. I had it for MANY years, and even went to a podiatrist for help. All the podiatrist did was diagnose it as sweaty feet and gave me some cream which really did not help much.

When Dr. Nunez saw my feet, he began to work on my feet, legs, etc. to improve my circulation and after ONE treatment for my feet, I saw improvement with my condition. After two to three subsequent visits IT WAS COMPLETELY GONE AND HAS NOT RETURNED. I still see Dr. Nunez about every two months for general adjustments, but the problem with my feet has not needed any additional treatments. I have recommended Dr. Nunez to my friends for general pain relief, etc. and would highly recommend him to ANYONE who has a problem with their feet I used to have. He's the best."
Matthew C.