"The first time I went to Dr. Nunez I thought how can he tell anything by moving my feet without taking some x-rays. Well, I decided to give him a chance since there was no medications to be taken or cracking bones, etc. In twelve visits I felt better than ever before. LIke Dr. Nunez always said to me, 'You don't have to live in pain.'"


"I would like to thank you for the chiropractic care that I have received from Dr. Nunez during these last few months. Since I have been receiving chiropractic adjustment for over two years I felt that I would be living with back pains for the rest of my life. Thanks to Dr. Nunez that has all changed. My back feels 100% better and I can now return to exercising and teaching tennis. During my visits I appreciated Dr. Nunez's sense of humor, bed side manner, prompt service when I had severa pain and did not even have an appointment. The innovative (balance board) technique which Dr. Nunez developed to stengthen my low back, knees and ankles has helped me beyond my wildest dreams. Thanks again for the outstanding chiropractic care. I will be referring all my friends, relatives, and country men to your office."


"For at least 10 years I have had severe lower back pain. In the mornings I had to straighten up very slowly to avoid the pain. I have attained complete relief of the lower back pain in 5 visits to Dr. Nunez. Today was my 6th visit and I required only a slight 'tune-up.' I'm very, very pleased with the treatments and fast results."


"My wife was being treated by Dr. Nunez. She mentioned my case to him. Dr. Nunez asked my wife to have me come to see him because he felt that he could help me. He was right, he has helped me! My case was that of arthritis in my knees plus muscular spasms in my legs. I could hardly walk. Dr. Nunez, after a thorough examination, believing he could help me, asked me to come in 3 times a week for treatment. My improvement was such, that after two weeks my treatments were spaced one week apart. Now he wants to see me once a month."


"Every time I performed in concert the pain in my arm and neck was so severe I thought I was going to have to give up my career. Then I visited Dr. Nuñez and his treatments stopped the pain. Thanks to him I now maintain a full concert schedule."
Marjorie Tayloe, Concert Harpist


"Because of bladder incontinence I was forced to get up 4 to 5 times a night to visit the bathroom. After being treated by Dr. Nuñez I now sleep through the night. I wish I had gone to see him five years ago."
Pat A.


"My scatia was so painful I thought I was going to need surgery. After just a few visits to Dr. Nuñez I am pain free. Now I'm a believer in regular chiropractic visits."
Norm O'Groskin


"My wife and I were having difficulty conceiving a child. Dr. Nuñez found some problems in her deep abdominal muscles and her lower back. Within two months after he treated her, we were pregnant. Great chiropractic care makes a difference.


"HIVES BE GONE!!! I've suffered with job-stress related hives for several years. When the going gets tough, which is often, the hives come visiting. HOWEVER, all of that changed after my very first visit with Dr. Nunez. Although my initial visit was for a knee injury, little did I know the side benefits of my treatment would not only get my IBS under control immediately, but also cure my hives! I'm happy to report no hives since I first saw him."


"When I walked into Dr. Alan Nunez's office less than two weeks ago, I was a skeptic. Had I not been in extreme pain and if Dr. Nunez had not come highly recommended, I would not have considered visiting a chiropractor at all. I am now a believer! The relief to the pain in my neck and arm was almost immediate. The icing on the cake is that all those little pains that I thought I would have to live with forever are gone as well. The bursitis in my shoulder is much improved, my lower back is free of sudden twinges and in general, I am sleeping better, feeling more relaxed and have renewed energy."


"I was having a difficult time in putting on my shirt or coat because of a sharp pain in my left shoulder. I told Dr. Nunez I thought it was due to rheumatism because of my old age. Dr. Nunez did not accept my version and after two treatments on my left shoulder I am able to put on a shirt or coat without severe pain. Dr. Nunez found a muscle or ligament was out of it's groove and when it was put in place I have had no more problem."


"Working with and receiving treatment from Dr. Nunez has been a very positive experience for me. I have appreciated Alan's honest and truly caring approach to me as a patient. He kept me informed of my treatment plan and everything worked as he said it would. As a result of coming to Dr. Nunez the constant pain and discomfort I had suffered from for several years has subsided greatly. I thank Alan and recommend him highly."


"My husband, Steve, and I tried for 7 years to have a baby. We tried several things to help enhance our ability to conceive. We worked with a fertility clinic for 3 yrs during which time we tried well timed artifical insemination 25 times. I had 2 experimental outpatient surgeries to try to determine 'why' I was not conceiving, both gave us nothing. Somehow we think Dr. Nunez's patience and continual drive for finding the answer paid off with that fateful adjustment five years ago. Our son will be 5 yrs old on September 6th."


"My back has been feeling 95% better, and I've been breathing smoothly. In fact, I'm singing again, and with better breathwork my sound has improved. My headache (back of head) has gone away after two sessions of that cranial technique Dr. Nunez has developed! Made such a huge difference to my health and my potential to lead a happier life. Thanks again for relieving my chronic pain, something I thought was impossible."