Recently one of my patients came in wearing shoes similar to these that were five inches high from heel to floor! The interesting thing was that she said that they were some of the most comfortable shoes she wore. This was not the first time a patient has told me this and several patients have also come to me specifically because they had hurt their ankles and could no longer wear their high heels and demanded that I fix them so they could!

While I don’t normally recommend heels this high I know that some of you insist on wearing them. This being the case I thought I would offer some suggestion and recommendations to help you decide on whether or not you should Wear Those Heels!

First of all you need to know that biomechanically our feet are capable of incredible feats, pun intended, of activity. They are relatively small compared to our body and yet they easily carry our weight all throughout our day mostly without complaint even when we have gained significant weight over the years. They allow us to wear heels, walk, run, leap and land with ease and we usually take it all for granted, until an injury occurs. The first symptoms may not occur right away or they may show up in the shin, knee or hip but they actually have their root in our poor little foot. Many times injuries in our youth especially ankle sprains, even in pre-teen age, can come back to haunt us starting in the late 20’s and early 30’s leading to very specific problems. Here are some common problems from old ankle sprains: Bunions, flat feet, weak ankles, shin splints, deviated toes, pain when wearing high heels as well as compensation problems in the knees and hips.

Now here is the good news, many of these problems can be either cured or alleviated with Dr. Nunez’s 3D Chiropractic methods and Pressure-Plus-Motion PPM. The real exciting part is that we teach you how to do the PPM yourself so you can control your symptoms in the future!

Now, back to the heel question, to heel or not to heel, two inches, three inches, five inches, how to know? Generally I have found that two to three inches can be quite well tolerated by most women without pain. Flats are fine to wear as long as you have had your feet, legs and knees properly strengthened and lengthened by a 3D chiropractic practitioner. As far as four to five inch heels are concerned, I definitely believe that although they may be beautiful, they are the spawn of the devil and I do not recommend it but, if it is not causing pain in the feet, knees or low back then who am I to say what an individual is capable of. If you do have pain, don’t wait, come on down and let’s get you dancing again!

Yours for better health,

Dr. Al thoroughness Nunez


Dr. Nunez has a new massage tool to battle deep muscular issues. It’s called the Vibracussor which has revolutionized our practice.

In April of 2012 we introduced the Vibracussor and have received rave reviews from our patients! It loosens up nearly 80% of your tense muscles, then the final 20% of the treatment is addressed manually. It is considerably less painful for you and me. If you haven’t been in for a treatment lately, you must come in and try the new and improved Dr. Nunez!

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