If you are like so many of my patients, you have been reading a lot in the news about the terribly tragic cases of Fungal Meningitis. As of the date of this article, this disease has taken the lives of 14 people and sickened hundreds more.

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These people didn’t get meningitis (an infection of the brain or spinal cord) from the typical pathway, but by contamination of Epidural Steroid medication that is injected into the spinal canal for chronic and severe low back or neck pain.

Although this outbreak is an unusual circumstance, it brings into focus the fact that “whenever one takes medications for pain management, orally or by injection, they increase our chances of side effects.” These side effects may not be seen immediately, but could take months or even years to accumulate in the body. Eventually the level of toxicity can lead to mild to severe symptoms, in some cases even death.

It saddens me when I think of those people who had the chronic back pain, had tried all the conventional medicine, physical therapy, even some chiropractic treatment, all without relief or long term effect. They felt they had no other option but to inject steroids and now they are no longer with us. What a tragedy.

It breaks my heart when you and I know 3D Chiropractic’s method is a leap forward in healthcare. It is different than conventional chiropractic methods and is proven to work when all else fails.

I’d like to end with a story of a patient not unlike many we’ve helped over the years. They were one month away from a scheduled surgery. This was to relieve severe back pain and leg pain from a very large bulging disc in the low back. Understandably this was causing them enormous pain and affecting daily life. They thought this was their last resort since nothing else was helping.

Whenever they sat for more than five minutes they got tingling and numbness down their leg as well as emotional tension. They were at their wits end when a friend, just like you, told them to call us and look into the 3D chiropractic technique. They did come in; I took a detailed history and found many past injuries. I felt these could be a possible cause of their pain. I recommended and they agreed that if in 30 days we could get 30% relief they would put off their surgery and let us continue working for greater relief.

That was over two years ago and now this patient is able to enjoy life and fly around the world without any leg or back pain! Needless to say they are very happy.

Please forward this newsletter to anyone you know who is considering steroid treatment or surgery due to chronic pain. Then ask them to read it and call us with any questions they may have. We love helping people who didn’t think they could ever be well again.

The details and specifics can be found in my book How to Keep the Chiropractor Off Your Back! The second edition will soon be available for sale in my office and on my website.

If you or your friends have Sinusitis symptoms, excessive drainage, pressure, or congestion, please call us to set up an appointment and get ready to throw out your meds!

Keep on going for the best in all you do.

Love you all,

Dr. Nunez

Dr. Subia
(3D Chiropractic Trained)

Dr Subia is here for you! He’s available to treat you just like Dr Nunez does.
Dr Subia is not just another doctor, he’s been personally trained by Dr Nunez in his 3D Chiropractic methods.

The next time you call and are offered an appointment with Dr Subia you should take it! He’s will give you the same treatment and you’ll feel better sooner.

If not for you, won’t you consider sending a friend to see me? Just tell them to ask for Dr. Subia, Thanks.

He’s always available for emergencies!
Live life to the fullest with healthy posture,

Dr. Subia
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A Few Facts…

Acetaminophen overdose if the most common cause of Acute Liver Failure (ALF)!

ALF causes over 56,000 emergency room visits each year, 2,600, hospitalizations and more than 500 deaths.

The most common medication that is taken by millions of people thinking that it is safe is Acetaminophen the generic name for Tylenol.

How? Many people are told by advertisers via TV, radio, online and magazines to take Tylenol, Motrin, Aleve, etc. for pain relief and soreness from work, exercise or normal daily living activities.

The problem comes when people don’t read the insert’s fine print, these medications should not be taken for more than five to seven days in a row or you should, “see your doctor or pharmacist”. For the average adult taking these for five days that is a staggering (30 doses)!

Have you actually read the insert? Of course you assume that If the medication is sold OTC, over the counter, it must be safe. As you can see, people keep taking medicine for headaches, body aches, cold symptoms, back pain etc. and it builds up to a toxic dose. It’s not always safe!

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